It’s the start of another beautiful week and it’s a week that will be going into a three-day weekend. Well at least for some of you. Some of us still need to bring you news about all the amazing new releases coming the last week of May and I can tell you we have two new series launching next week. How fun is that? 

I have 4 wonderful books launching this week!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Hold The Line
Series: Watchdogs of the Veil Book 3
Release Date: 05/23/2023

Carlton finally feels like he is hitting his stride, and he’s not alone.

With the team of top-notch agents working at his side, he’s doing what it takes to overcome the challenges that come with protecting the veil in style.

When you love what you do, can you honestly call it work?

When a job to take down a particularly nasty master vampire goes south, things get complicated.

Creeps and critters are one thing, but traitorous agents are a whole ‘nother level on the messed up scale.

As the danger mounts and the desperation rises, Carlton has no choice but to dig deep if he’s going to make sure he and his team make it out of this in one piece.

Does the distinction between righting a wrong and getting vengeance matter? If they end up getting killed in the process, who will be left to care, anyway?

Title: Freedom Dawns
Series: Free Worlds Book 6
Release Date: 05/24/2023

At long last, the rebels of Varuna have discovered a way to shut down the Augmented—permanently!

The only drawback? They’ll kill every Augmented human if they use it.

Unwilling to commit such an act, George Dane and his allies seek another way. They’ll delve the depths of Varuna’s oceans, travel across the stars to a secret laboratory in enemy territory, and finally attempt a daring final strike.

If they win, humanity continues. If they fail, humanity falls and only the Augmented will go on.

Dane knows this is it: the final all-or-nothing attempt to return freedom to humanity and end the tyranny of the Augmented Overmind. And he knows the final confrontation between human and Overmind will be in his hands.

Don’t miss this epic showdown in the Free Worlds series!

Title: Seven Deadlies
Series: Daywalker Chronicles Book 3
Release Date: 05/25/2023

Every vice has a face.

You’ve probably heard of the seven deadly sins:

Pride, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth.

There’s a bit of each of these in everyone.

When the Seven Deadlies emerged from Hades, everything changed.

A single touch by the Deadly and you’re infected… consumed with his vice.

Every vice kills in its own way. These vices are deadlier than I ever imagined.

I have the power to stop them…but there’s just one problem.

Each one I kill with my powers empowers an ancient Akkadian god with designs on usurping every other pantheon and taking over the world.

I might need the help of an old friend if I stand a chance to stop these things.

Can Zoey and I stop the Seven Deadlies before the world is overwhelmed with vice?

Title: Interstellar Justice
Series: Lone Wolf Squadron Book 6
Release Date: 05/26/2023

Old Villains, New Enemies, Same Squadron of Misfits.

Beau and the pilots of Lone Wolf Squadron have settled into their Marshal duties on the Federation Frontier.

Now colonies old and new call out for Lone Wolf Squadron to bring justice. On a wing and a prayer is the order of the day as they take on evil at the edges of civilization once again.

When the chance to uncover the Kratch home world pops up, it will take a crafty plan and a unique skill to take out the cyborg assassins.

Throw in Beau’s old nemesis resurfacing, and the squadron will have to call on all their old friends to win before Barkley Barrett gets his revenge.

Will friendship be enough to overcome the odds stacked against the squadron? Or does fate have another ending in mind?