A Diverse Week in Review for July 26- August 1st, 2020


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With 4 different books released this week, there is a story for everyone.


Enemies of Magic:

Shifters are invading Leira’s world… Leira Berens thought the war to reclaim magic was over… but it was just beginning. Ancient magic has been uncovered and Dark Forces are putting it to good use. Anybody need a human being changed into a hairy beast to do your bidding?


Witch of the Federation:

The Telorans just got pummeled in Meligorn space, but the victory came with unexpectedly bad news. There is another Teloran fleet heading in their direction. What will the Federation Navy decide to do?


The Complete Nike Chronicles:

Can Nike Augustine, the spoiled sister of Alexander the Great, find sanctuary on Dauphin Island? As the modern world encroaches on the forgotten immortal’s safe haven, she hides in plain sight as an average “girl” next door.


Monster in Me:

It’s time. The gloves are coming off. The mob has disrespected Taylor’s people, and he won’t stand for it. However, DESK is more than willing to help everyone bet their bank account on the outcome. But will Taylor be able to take out two very large mob guys and take home the scratch?


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