I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going to need double the coffee, double the Coca-Cola this morning. That time change is brutal, even if you are as wicked sarcastic as I am. Someone needs to convince the right people to abolish this barbaric act twice a year. I’m fairly sure there are a bunch of you agreeing with me.

While you’re downing that second or third cup of coffee, it’s a great time to check out the books coming your way. There are 7 new releases coming your way this week:

Learn all about them at the link below.
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This Week’s New Releases

Title: Magic Adventure
Series: The Evermores Chronicles Book 5
Release Date: 03/14/2022

Smokey’s been arrested, Fran has gone viral, and Enfield took a long, painful drop down a waterfall.

Worse yet, the dead are rising from their graves.

Woodrow and Wilson are leaving nothing to chance and have taken a blood oath, sealed in magic, to capture the Source.

Can it work?

Fran and Cam are trying to understand the prophecies better. The answers might be harder to track down than they hoped.

Will they be able to find the other pages and decipher what they mean in time?

The Evermores are back to chasing after the Source. The longer it’s loose, the more damage can be done to the kemanas. Will they be able to recapture it and restore magic to the kemanas?

Get your copy to join Fran, Cam, Mana Weave and the Evermores as they face a council meeting, deal with a mutant bear attack, attend an underground auction, and fight the undead.

Title: Against The Dark
Series: WarMage Redux Book 7
Release Date: 03/15/2022

New creatures in the kingdom are magically mutating—and attacking legionnaires.

Fortunately, Raven and her dragon have Chui Welby on her side and an entire division of elite legionnaires approved to use battle magic. How hard could fighting off a few new monsters really get?

The island kingdom of Malenspire has agreed to the exchange of foreign guests. It’s just her luck that Raven and Leander are assigned to chaperone the Malendesh newcomer—who turns out to not be so new.

Raven will have to fit in keeping an eye on a curious Rafu, maintaining her very new relationship with Chui, and continuing to train STAR with battle magic.

But what about the monsters?

There are still an unknown number of mutated creatures out there, which could attack the citizens of Lomberdoon whenever they feel like it. Plus, her best friend’s about to get married.

With her snarky dragon familiar, Leander by her side, Raven Alby will handle it all.

Join Raven, Leander and their friends as their adventures continue!

Title: The Shark In The Deep
Series: Witch of the Federation Book 12
Release Date: 03/15/2022

The future has amazing technology. Our alien allies have magic—and human Witches are training alongside Meligorn mages.

Please Note: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Witch of the Federation V.

New ships and familiar faces come together with the realization that they have been working toward the same goal—and the navy is not part of the equation.

Stephanie and BURT have come full circle.

ONE R&D’s efforts are reaching fruition. BURT’s understanding of magic grows further with Stephanie’s assistance, and Tethis’ instruction gives Stephanie the push she needed to hit a new level.

Training takes on a new aspect as the new crews learn to work with the Ebony Knight.

Will they figure out how to function as a unit outside of the Virt World?

They need to get Witches on their crews, but the navy is focused on a recruiting drive.

Time for a change of name…

BURT is always a step ahead. Spies aboard his ship present a learning experience—for those who wish to steal BURT’s secrets.

Will the Telorans succeed in destroying Meligorn? Or will Stephanie and Morgana intercede and beat them back? In the end, it comes down to “do the ends justify the means?”

Title: Finding Honor
Series: Realms of Power and Fury Book 2
Release Date: 03/16/2022

Eric has learned much about the ways of power since arriving in this strange world. Winning a place among the mighty Nords wasn’t easy, but his heroics have earned him a seat at their table.

As spring comes to the land, Nord thoughts turn from staying warm to raiding.

They’ve invited Eric to come along. But not all is right in the ripe lands the Nords raid every season. Troops are based where there should be none, and their adversaries are building a navy.

Something has changed.

Eric begins to see signs that all these things may be linked to his birth world. Someone from his old home is interfering with his new one, and the Nords are in the way. An obstacle to be eliminated.

But not if Eric has anything to say about it!

He’s survived monsters and battled other humans in his fight to keep himself and those he cares about alive. Can Eric save the people who have taken him in from the danger presented by his past?

Title: Shifter Problems
Series: Great Lakes Investigations Book 2
Release Date: 03/17/2022

Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder.

Matt is inside Maggie’s head, and their oddly dangerous frenemies are gone for the time being, but their troubles are only just beginning. Cyrilla is out of commission and some young witches are setting themselves up to be her successors…

…and courting Cole in the process.

Which annoys Maggie, given that she’s his girlfriend now.

It’s complicated.

Maggie doesn’t have any interest in taking Cyrilla’s place, but when she hears that a magical bounty hunter is preying on the children in her community, she’s sure as hell not going to let him get away with it.

Tracking him down requires her to go to James Shalton for help.

Cole’s father. The guy who might or might not have killed Cyrilla. Who might or might not have it out for Maggie.

Is anything going to be simple ever again?

Title: Fate Established
Series: The Exceptional Sophia Beaufont Book 20
Release Date: 03/17/2022

The Dragon Elite aren’t the only show in town anymore…

Note: Fate Established was previously published as a part of the megabook, Determine The Future.

And by “town” we mean, “the world.”

The Rogue Riders have stormed in with a furious force.

And they are ruining everything!

The image and reputation that Hiker Wallace worked hard to establish is being tarnished.

However, Sophia Beaufont knows how to turn things in their favor.

She just has to survive the wrath of the evil dragonriders. And teach them a lesson…

Can Sophia and Lunis make the Rogue Riders behave before they destroy everything?

Title: The Merc-Mage of Ziammotienth
Series: Myth of The Dragon Book
Release Date: 03/18/2022

Complications: the things in life that make you late, make you distracted, and Kaylin’s world, make you dead.

Kaylin—mage and mercenary, thief, and friend. Her policy is to avoid getting caught up in complications, but what happens when they find her?

She’d better hope that she has some stout mates to help pick up the slack, that’s what.

Kaylin does have a good crew, but they are going to be put to the test when it is time to go back into the Mountain.

Yes, the Mountain that has loomed so large in her mind, yet has remained out of reach.

Now, complications or not, she is going back in to seek something even more precious than gold. Yet, there are rumblings behind city walls, and those rumblings may draw her back to the place that once drove her out.

Again, complications. The sinister and insidious schemes of man and dwarf begin to creep in.

Some calling her name…

Can Kaylin find a way to navigate the multiplying treacheries? Or will the vagaries of the human heart hold sway over the fates of thousands?

Snatch up your copy today and join Kaylin as she plunges into the daring and fantastic world of The Myth of the Dragon!