Love is in the air this week. Or maybe it’s the smell of chocolate. Chocolate is love after all, right? And, of course, you know what the best day is this week? The day after Valentine’s Day when it’s half-priced chocolate day. Now THAT’S a holiday I can get behind. It means I can replenish all of my chocolate stores for the coming year.

However, there are many candies unique to this holiday. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?

Another new series comes your way this week and we have a sneak peek for you below!​​

I have 8 delightful books launching this week and one released this morning. That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Eight If By Choice
Series: Chronicles of Winland Underwood Book 8
Release Date: 02/13/2023

In East Calico Rock, there’s always one more emergency to be handled by Winland Underwood.

Unfortunately, this time the emergency is her mother.

Just when Winland thought her mom was starting to settle into life in the refugee town, danger strikes once again. This time, Winland and the crimson heart are strong enough together to deal with it themselves.

But are the consequences of Winland’s new power too much for Leeland to handle?

When Leeland disappears in the middle of the night—like she did a hundred and sixty years ago—Winland now has the friends and resources to track her mom down again…hopefully before it’s too late.

Leeland’s dark past is a threat to everyone, and Winland has only one chance to save her mom’s life and her own.

The battle between dark and light inside Winland makes it hard to know just how far she’ll go to make good-intentioned ends justify horrible means.

Can those who’ve made terrible mistakes, even Winland, still be redeemed?

Title: Werewolf Quarry
Series: The Origin Story of Monsters Book 2
Release Date: 02/14/2023

Monsters don’t just change themselves. And someone out there is using blood magic again. The kind that hasn’t been seen for thousands of years.

It’s time Halsey and Brigham to travel back to where the changes all began—the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. At the very least, the monster hunters should be able to find out what happened to the stolen silver coffin if they follow the clues in person, right?

If you have to get something done, sometimes you have to do it all yourself. Even if that means operating outside your Council’s orders without permission.

The Ambrosius cousins seem to hit one dead end after another. But when one magical door shuts, another always opens.

Halsey and Brigham just didn’t expect that the next door they opened—asking another elemental family for help—would only point back to their own Clan.

Did their last mission in Ireland only make things worse?

Now if Halsey and her cousin want help from the Emerald Isle’s elemental Clan, they have to do a little more monster-hunting of their own first—unsanctioned and unapproved by their family militia.

Turns out the silver-back alpha is more of a menace than they realized—and more of a threat to the Ambrosius Clan’s well-preserved secrets – keeping Halsey and all other elementals uncomfortably in the dark.

Can the Ambrosius cousins look past the lies to help new friends clean up the mess they unwittingly made? Can Halsey look past the consequences of breaking her one and only monster-hunting rule to find one very special monster within the history of her own family?

If her Clan Council won’t come clean, Halsey Ambrosius will just have to go after the most deeply buried answers herself, and the monsters will follow.

Title: Dragon Defying
Series: Dragon Apparent Book 5
Release Date: 02/14/2023

Two heirs to one throne. Who will take the crown?

Will power or allies be the deciding factor over the future?

After months of building proof that she is the heir to the throne, someone Scarlet thought was an ally shows up with another red dragon.

Does the newcomer want the throne, and does she care if he takes it?

Leading two races to safety and securing their future is not what Scarlet would have chosen for herself.

She had accepted her duty to dragons and humans alike. The new arrival throws everything into question. Can she sit by and let another take a throne they’ve not earned simply because of the color of their scales?

Is she any more worthy than he is?

The answer comes, but not the way Scarlet expects.

The world is starting to take notice, and an enemy who is growing stronger is threatening to break out of his underground prison.

Can Scarlet and her rival work together to stop him?

Title: Game of Serfs: Book Three
Release Date: 02/15/2023

Not everyone is happy with what Benjy and Marty are building. Or rather, they’re unhappy that they’re not the ones in charge.

The birth pangs of a new community are hard enough to navigate, but what happens when jealousy leads to a rivalry that could strangle this newborn wonder?

While others scheme, Benjy and Marty have a kingdom to establish, mouths to feed, and shelter to provide. There are raiders to repel, secrets to uncover in the dungeons below, and subjects to appoint to the kingdom’s offices.

The right royal mason will raise strong walls, but the wrong one could send them crumbling with one fell stroke of hammer on chisel.

The crown may be heavy, but that doesn’t mean one man must bear it all alone.

Trusting people is a necessary vulnerability, and they must choose wisely. The dragons have changed the world forever, and now they are searching for dominions to claim as their own.

Benjy’s and Marty’s experiment in self-government looks like a tasty treat to snatch up while it is still so young and tender.

Can our heroes protect the safe haven for humanity they’ve created? Or will the overwhelming odds of internal plotting and fire-breathing enemies at their door prove too much to handle?

Title: War For the Vampire Throne
Series: Supernatural Criminal Investigations Book 5
Release Date: 02/15/2023

Supernatural crimes are on the rise and evil forces are gathering. A band of powerful beings must put aside their differences to save all supernaturals from extinction.

Kat has earned the loyalty of the werewolves. Now, she must fight her way to the top of the vampire hierarchy and become their queen.

Can she fulfill the witch ancestors’ prophecy about her destiny to defeat the looming darkness?

War is inevitable, and there’s another problem.

Her newly restored magic is volatile and unstable.

Kat must prove herself worthy of the vampire throne, but Cain Abrams’ renegade faction sense her powers are unpredictable and use it to their advantage. She must learn how to control her magic and use it safely or risk being destroyed by it.

She’s not alone in the fight.

While the SCI team is growing stronger and improving their chances for victory, their supernatural investigation skills will be put to the test. They must stop the dark witches before they destroy Kat and the rest of the supernatural creatures.

Will Kat rise to the challenge and be crowned the ultimate queen? Or will evil prevail in the epic battle for supernatural supremacy?

Title: The Rogue Regiment
Series: Pixie Rebels Book 1
Release Date: 02/16/2023

Z Thornbrook and her cousins are like any other Oriceran pixie on Earth. Mischief is their middle name, and for the last hundred and fifty years, that’s been their game.

But what happens when a gang of rogue pixies takes the troublemaking just a little too far?

They get noticed. By the U.S. Army. And playtime is over.

Now that they’ve been caught, it’s time for Z, her cousins, and the entire pixie gang to face the music, and they only have two choices. Sign their lives away to enter an experimental new program for magical Army soldiers – or accept a one-way ticket back to Oriceran for good.

For any other pixie, this would be a no-brainer. They don’t back down, and they definitely don’t take orders from anyone, even other pixies. But for Z and her eccentric cousins, returning to their home planet is a fate worse than death.

It’s time to lace up their boots and stand at attention—or not.

Because the Thornbrook pixies are heading off to magical Bootcamp run by humans, and the Army had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Z, Domino, and Echo must find the acceptable middle ground between being who they are, in all their chaotic pixie glory, and following the terms of their magically binding contract.

But training three Army pixies is no joke—if it’s even possible at all.

Can Z and her cousins learn to rein in the chaos as new magical Army recruits, or will they take it too far and be shipped off to Oriceran, where an even darker menace awaits?

Title: The Uncivilized
Series: Skharr Deatheater Book 10
Release Date: 02/16/2023

Thou shalt not put a sword in a baby’s hand…

It’s a good way to piss off your wife.

There are issues all over Skharr’s lands that he must deal with, including a kingdom to the east that is pushing into his sister-in-law’s lands.

Micah has come to ask for a favor from the emperor.

Skharr must head back to the capital to help the empire with a delicate political situation.

Will he be able to solve the problem without cutting off a head or two? Can he do it without getting into a barfight?

In a word, no.

Skharr needs to be in three places at the same time all while dealing with Throk Anvilforged, who is besotted with an elven blacksmith ruin.

Skharr was successful in handling “diplomacy” with a kingdom on his borders before. What happens when he has to do it again?

It’s Skharr DeathEater, back doing what he does best.

Are you ready for it?

Title: Magicae: Power Dawning
Series: Chronicles of an Urban Elemental Book 2
Release Date: 02/17/2023

Watch out Montreal. You’re in for a fiery ride.

Life’s pleasures used to be so simple: a fast ride on my motorcycle, a backyard barbeque with my siblings, and taking down criminals to safeguard Montreal’s citizens.

Sadly, those days ended the moment my fiery side emerged.

I’m a fire elemental. Mind blown.

The deadly Poreskoro family wants to feed on my fae essence. Rude.

And if they succeed, they’ll gain the strength to rebuild their army of evil. Terrifying.

Demons, drug lords, and deception I can handle, but when a dark storm of danger falls over my family, things have gone too far.

With evil brewing, enemies running rampant, and fae criminals gunning for me and my family, I widen my stance and get ready for the hits. Who’s manipulating things behind the scenes? Who’s coming after the people I care about? And who the hell is stupid enough to think I’d let it happen?

Jules continues her journey to becoming the fiery female she’s meant to be in book two of the Chronicles of an Urban Elemental series, Magicae: Power Dawning. Don’t miss a moment of this rollicking ride.

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A pixie crime family that has made robbery their day job, and nothing can stop them. Until they get caught.