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Prepare to be enchanted by these magical stories in this, Week in Review for August 2nd- August 8th, 2020


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With 3 different books released this week, these magical books will keep you enchanted


Warmage Unrelenting:

Raven Alby is graduating from her first year at Fowler Academy. There are parties and dates with William and a long summer with friends, just like any other teenager with a large dragon. Until a letter arrives from her grandfather. Magic is returning to Brighton. But not everyone is ready to handle it. It’s a race against the fear spreading through Lomberdoon.


Guardians of Magic:

Leira is done making nice fighting magical demons with everyone else’s rules. Too many dead bodies and not enough answers. The dark Wizarding families have put a target on her back and made it their mission to put a stop to her.


Survival By Magic:

She’d trusted her mentor. How could she have been such a fool? With the attack on her hometown routed, Sariah should be happy. But instead, she’d uncovered a terrible secret: The man she loves is her enemy’s top general. Reeling from the betrayal, she doubts everything, even her closest friends.


With 3 new books this week, you can catch up on your favorite series with this Week in Review.