No rest for the wicked. And I am apparently very wicked since I don’t get much rest with these newsletters, wrangling authors, and everything else. We won’t talk about the side projects I’m always busy on. But I’ve seen some fun things coming your way later this year.

Do you have any exciting plans for this last day of the three-day weekend? Or if you didn’t have the day off, do you have plans for when you do?​​

I have 6 superb books launching this week and one released bright and early this morning. That means you have something to read if you’re caught up on everything from this past week. (Are any of you caught up?)

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Downhome Dangers And Disasters
Series: Marmalade and Magic Book 5
Release Date: 09/05/2022

Things are coming to a head in the Holler.

Jemma Nox has been pushing herself to hold everything together as Mama B’s health worsens.

Burning the candle at both ends is going to have consequences…

Her breaking point comes when the coven investigate an incident at the animal shelter that leads to the discovery of a face from Jemma’s past—and the revenge of an enemy smarting from defeat at the hands of the coven.

Kalhoun County faces a supernatural threat much greater than the Raven Mocker.

The coven must use every resource they have to defend against the ancient entity bent on death and destruction, but do they have a snake in their midst? Only one thing is certain.

The supernatural cannot remain hidden any longer.

Title: Olympian Pursuits
Series: Chronicles of Zoey Grimm Book 6
Release Date: 09/06/2022

Can you choose your own god?

There’s a power vacuum on Olympus.

That’s the thing about a civil war.

Everyone’s weaker in the end than when the war began.

If the gods don’t stop attacking each other, none of them will have the strength to rule.

Anarchy can be worse than tyranny.

You can assassinate a tyrant. You can’t eliminate everyone under anarchy.

Why does everyone seem to think I’m the answer to the problem?

Sure, I can reap gods. I’m the only mortal the Olympians fear.

All the gods have their flaws. Some of them worse than others.

I have to choose between the lesser of multiple nincompoops.

How can I possibly decide which poor excuse for a god to support? If I make the wrong choice, departed human souls will pay the price.

Title: Necromancy in New Orleans
Series: Case Files Of An Urban Druid Book 3
Release Date: 09/07/2022

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.

When the magical energy of New Orleans redlines, Team Trouble responds.

Caught between three hostile factions of empowered citizens—witches, wolves, and vampires—we scramble to figure out who’s leaving bodies littered around the French Quarter.

Navigating the crypts, catacombs, and a cagey council doesn’t go our way.

Big Easy my ass.

Secrets, vendettas, and undead armies make solving this one dangerous not only for us, but for the empowered sects that don’t want our help. Whatevs. When the world gets mean, we tighten our ranks.

And hey: Zombie Apocalypse LevelUnlocked.

Book three in the Case Files of an Urban Druid series, Necromancy in New Orleans, brings you another chaotic free-for-all filled with your favorite Clan Cumhaill characters.

Title: Extraction Protocol
Series: One U.G.L.Y. Marine Book 5
Release Date: 09/08/2022

Joe and his team pushed themselves to their limits to stop a Komran invasion force from getting a foothold in their galaxy.

But moments after the victory cheers were let out, they realize that the attack they routed was not the end game, this was only the beginning…

Instead of retreating, the Komran launch an assault on Odin, one of the garden planets in the system that was blitzed in the surprise attack.

While it started as simple revenge, the alien empire sees an opportunity to strike and sends an armada to reinforce their forces in the system.

Old foes emerge to take part in the invasion as Joe and his team are sent on strike missions to help ensure that the Komran don’t gain ground in their system.

Joe is a damn good soldier, but this is a hell of a fight.

The skirmish quickly devolves toward all-out war. The Komran want to claim the barbarian’s head as their trophy as much as they want to envelop Vale space into the empire.

Unlike previous missions, this won’t end with one small victory at a time.

They need to push back the Komran to save their galaxy before the alien invaders claim their home—whether through subjugation or eradication.

Title: The Priest’s Fire
Series: Heinous Crimes Unit Book 2
Release Date: 09/08/2022

Are you ready for confession?

Christian Windsor’s odd genius brought him and his FBI unit fame when he stopped the sadistic murderer called The Surgeon.

Christian’s genius couldn’t reveal the sociopath working right next to him, though: the world-renowned psychiatrist, Luke Titan.

Dead bodies begin showing up again, but this time, Christian knows them. The killer doesn’t want other people: he wants Christian.

A delusional psychopath thinks Christian can bring God’s return… Which gives Luke Titan the perfect opportunity to continue his own sick purpose.

The Priest has arrived – Can Christian save those he loves before they end up as sacrificial lambs? Can he do it before Titan’s psychological games destroy his own humanity?

If you love a page-turning thriller with serial killers, psychopaths, and makes you think, pick up The Priest’s Fire today!

Title: The Courageous Believer
Series: The Unconventional Agent Beaufnt Book 8
Release Date: 09/08/2022

Love is a dream come true for many…

But for those forced to sleep, their only dream is to wake up and live their life.

When a strange technology, targeted at lovers, forces them into nightmare-filled sleep, love plummets all over the country.

Sleeping people definitely can’t fall in love.

Or do just about anything…

They definitely can’t get married.

And when the reality starts making any waking moment worse, Paris Beaufont knows she has to spring into action.

To fix this problem, they are going to need magitech. And a detective. Oh, a bit of muscle and courage.

Good thing that none of those are in short supply if you know the right people.

Thankfully Paris does, and they are all willing to help…in exchange for something.

Can Paris Beaufont save weddings before brides fall asleep forever?

This is no Snow White tale because a simple kiss definitely won’t wake them up. Only Paris Beaufont can do that—by outmaneuvering her enemies.