Week in review


It’s such an exciting feeling when the next book in a series comes out! This week was full of that very feeling.




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Don’t Give A Dwarf:

Johnny Walker, Dwarf Bounty Hunter is back on the hunt. WANTED: Dead or Alive. Logree Creature. Origin is Oriceran. Intelligent, flammable, displaying purple goo and tentacles. Do not approach. Leave to the professionals… like Johnny Walker. Just what the Everglades needed. But who’s going to watch the teenage shifter staying in his cabin? Turn your back and she’s wrestling an old Gator from the swamp. Johnny knows what to do. A little magi-tech and a few favors can get the answers he needs.


Unfaithful Covenant:

Erik and Jia have to build more resources into their team, and one isn’t so happy with Jia. Will she be able to change the agent’s opinion, or will they have to toss her off the team and forego her expertise? The enemy’s cracks are starting to be visible. One of them is showing their hand early. Will the covenant created before Erik and Jia be strong enough to withstand the focus of their enemies?


Calculated Risk:

What do you do when the other side uses your son’s life as a negotiating ploy? Mary and Senator Tad Williams will learn what it means to play hard ball. Can they play just as hard? Amber, Nick, and Jacob now have the responsibility that came with their sudden decision to help a kid. Are they up to the task? Justin is acclimating inside the world. Will his need to connect with another person extend to feelings for a fake character? There is more going on here than dirty politics, questionable business ethics, and cutting-edge science that might kill.

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