Good morning! If you are one of the lucky ones not having to deal with the time change yet (or at all), it’s probably a very good morning for you! If you’re one of the unfortunate ones, you’re probably drinking extra coffee, tea, or some form of caffeine to help with the loss of sleep today and the rest of the week. That time change is brutal for all of us isn’t it? And if you have pets, they don’t understand the time change for their food either!

Good things I have books for you to enjoy and take your mind off the time change! I have 4 amazing books releasing this week. And the first book in a new series launched today! That’s a great way to start the week!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Carry On
Series: Chronicles of a Hidden City Book 1
Release Date: 03/11/2024

Two brothers hunting monsters, solving mysteries, and facing the sinister landscape of a sentient city coming back to life—and having fun doing it.


As a rookie cop and the goofball brother, no one expected me to be the one Mother Nature chose to safeguard the mythological Hidden City of Isilon, but after being thrown into a river of raw prana, I was forever changed.

Not my whacked sense of humor—Hells no, that is firmly intact—but me.

Something is building inside me, and I don’t want to freak out my family, but it’s big. Powers? Magical potential? Or I could be about to star in the chestburster scene straight out of Alien.

Whatever it is, it’ll be epic.


I loved life as an undercover cop, cleaning up the streets of Toronto—until I was shot and killed on the job—Do not recommend.

But when my kid sister, Fiona, saved the world, I got a second chance at life—with one catch.

To protect the timeline, I’m forever bound to the Hidden City of Isilon to live with my younger brother. Well… life with Emmet will never be boring.

Join Emmet and Brendan as they investigate all things that go bump in the night. As the sentient city awakens, and long forgotten dangers stir, the Cumhaill brothers are on the job.

Title: Power of Magic
Series: Series Name and Book Number
Release Date: 03/12/2024

An old menace has returned, and he’s brought a few hundred dead magicals with him.

Leira Berens has never faced a monster like this before, and everything is telling her, the old ways won’t cut it. Even a Jasper Elf has to know when to ask for help.

An ancient magical may hold the lessons that will turn the tide, but can Leira let go of enough control to see it through?

As if that wasn’t enough, there are magical fires everywhere. Harkin has another bold secret he’s keeping and this time, it may be harder for Correk to forgive.

The Silver Griffins are hard at work on a comeback, but their own kind want to set up shop under a new name.

Will the Red Phoenix take over with a deadlier way of doing business?

Ariana is facing a revolt among the Dark Families, even as she puts in motion a plan to quelch the uproar and take advantage of her treaty with Leira. What do the hidden books hold that make her so confident?

Will Perrom be reunited with Ossonia? Will she outrun the menace in the World in Between?

And of course, what trouble will our favorite troll, YTT get into before he has to grow to his full height and claw off a few rogue heads?

Title: The World Stones
Series: Code Name Viridian Book 3
Release Date: 03/13/2024

Vincent was on the hunt.

His sister was still on the run. First, on a job to the alien planet Viridian and then beyond. It didn’t make any sense. Wasn’t one alien world enough? Not for Helen. She discovered a vast network of worlds connected through a system called The World Engine, and she was on the move. Looking for a way past the gravity well, keeping her ship stranded on Viridian. She was out there searching, and he was nipping at her heels.

There was one new wrinkle standing in Vincent’s way. The Curator in charge of running the World Engine was starting to break down. There were bugs in the ancient AI’s system. Eating his memory. Fraying away at his personality matrix. Before the AI would help them, it wanted a little help of its own. They would fix the system. He would find his sister.

Vincent was close, one job away from tracking Helen down.

Back on Mars, things were getting dicey. The confederation wanted answers. Where was their man, and more importantly, where was the Zosmodious? Hunter didn’t have the answers they wanted. Helen was missing. Vincent was M.I.A. He was stuck footing the bill for two little brats he didn’t know anything about. His world felt balanced on a precipice. One tilt in the wrong direction, and it would all come crumbling down.

Most of the men he knew would have eaten the loss and lived to fight another day. Hunter would never be most men. If the Confederation wanted to push him, he would double down. Not just more resources. Hunter was going to throw everything he had at Viridian. One roll of the dice to control his fate. This was his moment. He wasn’t going to miss it. The Zosmodious must flow.

His legacy depended on it.

Title: Pilot’s Quest
Series: Diplomat’s Apprentice Book 3
Release Date: 03/15/2024

When you have a really old starship . . . things can break down, at the worst possible time!

With the old circus manager safely in jail, things should be going well at the circus where Anwyn Owens is assistant pilot. But when the ageing starship that serves as their home breaks down, all the ingenuity of Anwyn and head pilot Jemal can’t get things working again.

The solution: head for the pirate planet of Open Port where Jemal knows of a salvage yard that just might have the necessary used part for sale.

The solution just got a bit more challenging: Garcia, the owner of the salvage yard is missing, some threatening people are looking for him, and so are the team of special agents who seem to keep popping up in Anwyn’s life.

Anwyn and Jemal are drawn into the search for Garcia. Along the way they will rescue a dangerous pet, meet a hot-headed teenager intent on vengeance, and a notorious pirate who becomes involved in the search. And don’t forget about those threatening agents of a rival government who are also hunting for Garcia!

Anwyn and her friends might find Garcia, but will they get home with a replacement part or become victims of a brewing planetary revolution?

The whole family together, new powers, and a huge responsibility, what could go wrong? Check out this snippet of Carry On, book 1 of Chronicles of a Hidden City, a new series in the Empowered World Universe!