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Fan-Freaking Tastic Week in Review May 31 – June 6, 2020


Did you see all of the exciting books we launched this week? Check out the list here: Week in Review


Steel Dragon 4:

The mages push Earth closer to a war that no one can win. Kristen and her team are all that stands between them and the utter annihilation of everyone she loves.


Death of the Mind:

A weapon to end the war? That’s what Vardis, the strange alien from another dimension, is offering the Riders. A weapon strong enough to kill the Dark One. But can he be trusted?


The Last Dance:

It’s time for Cali’s Last Dance. What battles lay ahead? Resolutions are at hand, above and below the waves.


Ghosts on a Plane:

Some things are far scarier than flying! Will Bonnie survive the ghost storm headed her way?


Rectify Injustice:

Who can turn an enemy into an ally? Sophia Beaufont hopes that she can. She just has to track down the steampunk cyborg.



They left a man behind. 100,000 years behind.


WOW! With 6 new releases this week, you are going to be very busy! LOL I hope you have picked up all of these exciting reads! If not, don’t miss them! This week’s Week in Review