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Week in Review May 9 – 15, 2021




Fantastic New Books Here: Week in Review





Rogue Mom:

Has anyone noticed Los Angeles is going to the monsters?​ The City of Angels is under attack and the Silver Griffins are calling all agents. What monster is making the rounds and threatening to expose magic? Mr. No has returned and is invading dreams. The sinister Dwarf has figured out how to sap away magicals’ dreams and aspirations. Silver Griffins Agent 485 Lucy Heron is on it! But it’s getting worse. How will she protect a growing band of magicals who won’t even raise a wand to protect themselves? Calling all family. This will take every Heron, even the little one with the secret superhero club to take down the evil lawyer before he comes up with an even darker idea. Can Lucy figure out how to defeat this monster plaguing everyone’s dreams before he turns into her nightmare?


The Teacher and The Drow:

Things have changed and the Crown is looking for Cheyenne. Where is she hiding? Where they least expect her – in plain sight.
Note: The Teacher and the Drow was originally published as a part of the megabook The Drow There and Nothing More. The Crown has been forcing people to move into the city. Easier to control. They’ve even been ruining the Outers to make life outside the city difficult at best, impossible at worst. Cheyenne needs to do something about it – fast. It will come with great risks. The Crown is everywhere. Can Cheyenne trust L’zar? He is her father after all. Will that mean anything? Will Cheyenne and Ember be able to survive the next ritual they have to go through and take the fight back to the Crown?


Blood Trade:

A crime against all – stealing one’s life blood. It prolongs life! It gives strength and power. Such exotic luxuries come at a high price. Those who have been drained? “Donors” but not quite volunteers. That’s why they’re kidnapped, never to be heard from again.  Taken from their families and removed from existence. Who would do such a thing? Do the ones paying for this blood know where it comes from? Which crime is greatest? The Magistrate is called in to end the nightmare, but she can’t do it alone. Rivka enlists the aid of two with the most intimate knowledge. The Magistrate heads out to dismantle the Blood Trade, going for the throat of both buyers and suppliers. The perpetrators have money and power and won’t easily give them up. Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.


Old Dogma New Tricks:

Working out sucks!  Especially when your girlfriend is like the next Jillian Michaels.  It doesn’t help that Layla is a princess. Of like, elves. So beautiful, powerful and regal. I am preparing to fight like the fate of the world might depend on… me. My girlfriend has disappeared back to her world. Elven legions might attack Earth, there’s been a coup attempt and rumors of dead elves coming back to life. But something doesn’t feel right about all of this… Between surprise wedgies, the folks at my church upset at me, and my talking-cat’s Animal Planet addiction… It’s like my whole life is in disarray.  How can I be expected to save anyone, much less the world?


Dragon My Heart Around:

What’s luck got to do with it? Dragon shifter Blaine Harcourt is bewildered when he catches a woman robbing his parents’ Newport Mansion. It gets worse when they leave him in charge of her punishment. His stepdad says it’s time to prove he’s worthy of his future inheritance. His mother blames him for the whole thing. Blaine’s so angry he can’t even. Kimiko Ichiro only wanted to replace what she had stolen from her father. It wasn’t her fault that the only luck charms powerful enough to stop his rapid aging were in the Harcourt hoard. Robbing powerful dragon shifters seemed like the only way. Besides, thievery was no big deal to Tanuki. Blaine was used to dealing with books and artifacts, not brilliant, dishonest women. Is Kimiko just using her feminine wiles to hoodwink him, or is something else at play here? And how did she get into the Harcourt’s magically sealed vault in the first place? Could Blaine’s part in foiling an evil Magus be the reason for his bad luck, and can Kimiko help him turn it around?

Unsuspecting Trouble:

When Father Time is depending on you to save his butt, you don’t ask questions. Thankfully Paris Beaufont has had her questions answered. She finally knows who she is. More importantly, she knows what happened to her parents and who is after her. But that’s only the beginning… To save Papa Creola, her parents and pretty much love itself, that’s going to take a lot of work. And Paris will have to enlist the help of experts, like kings, giants and Mother Nature. Thankfully, she has some contacts that can hook her up. Can Paris save Father Time and all those she loves?


Dragon Souled:

When secrets come to light. On the run and looking for the invisible, Aella and her dragon are fugitives once more. With nothing but a glowing orb to guide them and the few friends they have left in the world, they embark on the road trip of a lifetime. But is the Sanctuary everything she was promised it would be? The agency don’t want to give up or admit defeat, and Aella and Zephyr have beaten them twice now. Will they truly let her slip through the net? Or are they going to find her no matter where she hides?



Remarkable New Books Here: Week in Review





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