It’s the start of a new week. And this week, you have limited time remaining to get gifts for Mother’s Day if you observe it. There are a lot of moms in our lives, even if they are moms to furbabies. I bet a mom in your life would enjoy some quiet time to read. Something to think about!

I have 5 brilliant books launching this week and one of them is already out! I think that’s a great way to kick off the week.

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Sophie Briggs and the Hidden Defender
Series: The School of Roots and Vines Book 7
Release Date: 05/08/2023

It’s the final year for most of the Defenders at the School of Roots and Vines. It’s hard to imagine that Sophie is beginning her senior year and planning her wedding to Marcus the following summer.

The group still needs to find their 6th Defender in order to save Thicket Hall and prevent the Serpent from being unleashed.

Who is it?

No one seems to know, or at least they aren’t inclined to reveal themselves to the other Defenders. They may not even know what they are and that could prove a challenge when they need to defend Thicket Hall.

It will be up to the intrepid group of friends to find out who is the last ally and bring them into their circle.

But just as they’re cruising toward the end of their time inside the ancient tree, the danger grows. Five of the Six seals guarding the Serpent have been opened. The Defenders will have to fight with everything they have to prevent Caleb and the Templetons from taking control.

Is this the end for Thicket Hall and the tree? Or will the Defenders find a way to save it and the school?

Title: Game of Serfs: Book Five
Release Date: 05/09/2023

Winter has arrived, bringing long shadows that stretch as the darkness within stirs.

An unprecedented cold season settles over the kingdom, and Benjy dares to hope that winter will give everyone a chance to breathe easy while their enemies sleep through the deep freeze.

Repelling Addervaul’s assault took it out of them, and now the time had arrived to settle in until the thaw brings more flaming fury to their door.

What’s that wise old saying? Wish in one hand…

The chill wind blows over the kingdom, carrying the howls of the hungry. 

Beasts on the hunt, both natural and otherwise, are the least of their problems. Enemies left breathing are enemies who can scheme and plot.

Not only do dragons not hibernate, they are no different to any other defeated foe with a grudge to bear. How much pain can Addervaul inflict upon those who humiliated him?

To what depths will their ancient adversary sink for a taste of vengeance?

Benjy has his work cut out for him yet again, and he soon learns that even his strong shoulders aren’t big enough to bear this burden.

Apocalypse by dragon could be the end unless might and magic can keep the brittle hopes of a world set on fire alive.

If a king cannot defend his people, then is he worthy of the title?

Title: With Skies Asunder
Series: Gravitium Book 2
Release Date: 05/10/2023

Clare made it to the city in the sky, and she’s not impressed.

The tech is impressive, but it’s being woefully underutilized. For a tech wiz like her, it’s almost painful to witness.

They’re having trouble keeping Summerland in the sky, but that’s why Anselm dragged Clare up there in the first place. Being the mechanical magician she is, it doesn’t take Clare to figure out the obvious.

Summerland is broken.

Worse than waste and neglect, the city in the sky shows signs of being sabotaged. Clare has a feeling that means things are going to get more interesting.

Who would want a city full of technological marvels to plummet from the sky? Especiallygiven that said city is populated by a bunch of speciesist snobs?

Oh, right. Pretty much everyone on the ground… 

Clare and Anselm race against time to narrow the list of suspects and find a solution to the mechanical issues ASAP.

Otherwise, all their efforts to keep the city in the clouds in the clouds are going to amount to nothing.

Title: Fidelitas: Trust Realized
Series: Chronicles of an Urban Elemental Book 4
Release Date: 05/11/2023

Watch out Montreal, things are heating up.

When Bakkali insisted I take a month off to rest and regroup before joining The Guild of the Laurentians, I had my doubts.

Being away from police work has been tough, so when an end of summer celebration takes a disastrous turn, I’m eager to unravel the mystery.

One thing is for certain—something is in the water.

With multiple fatalities, injuries, and missing persons, my siblings and I set out to uncover what happened at Clock Tower Beach.

Merfolk, magical lore, mystical creatures, and sinister motives are all in the mix.

Now, it’s time to wade through the sea of possibilities and uncover the truth. Who is meddling with the St. Lawrence, and how do we stop it?

Jules brings you more elemental adventure in book four of the Chronicles of an Urban Elemental series, Fidelitas: Trust Realized.

Title: Decisions To Make
Series: Piercing the Veil Book 3
Release Date: 05/12/2023

The delicate balance between the wonder of experiencing magic firsthand and the danger that comes with perceiving the magical world is about to tip.

Which direction will it go for Natalie, Rich, and Lucas?

No matter how long the team has had to adjust to the existence of magic and mythical creatures around them, they still find themselves on the back foot when it comes to staying safe. After finally becoming a human again, Lucas still struggles to let go of his feline tendencies.

Could that help them fool the soldiers searching for them into thinking they’re magical?

With a werewolf as their ally and Alia giving them a home and teaching them everything they need to know to survive, they aren’t in as much danger as they could be.

Can they stay that way with the enforcers in over their heads as usual? 

When a new witch comes to town and threatens every non-magical out there, those responsible for keeping the peace in the magical world decide that the best course of action is…no course at all. 

With the enforcers choosing ignorance over doing their jobs, the chances of Nat, Rich, and Lucas coming out of this unscathed plummet. The only way they can avoid a grisly end is to deal with the danger themselves.

Once again, they find themselves helping the enforcers and taking on the criminals of the magical world. Only one thing is certain. Somebody is going to get hurt.

Can the unlikely team of allies take on a powerful villain determined to shatter the peace of both worlds? Or have their luck, brains, and allies run out?