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Week in Review March 14 – 20, 2021


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The Mom Identity:

Silver Griffins Agent 485 Lucy Heron is on the trail of a string of magical thefts. But first, she has to pick up the kids from school. Talk about trying to find a life and work balance. Dylan is in that awkward middle school phase when magic can turn a friend into a frog and back again. Did anyone notice? And third-grader Ashley keeps recruiting friends for her own secret agency to fight magical crime. Kids these days. The Heron children are even training the good dog, Buddy to track down magical bad guys. So far, the family business is still a well-guarded secret. Can they keep it that way? The criminals in town have taken notice and they’ve set up their own school of unwanted magic. Will the Heron Family figure out how to flunk them all before they overrun the City of Angels?


Warlord Rising:

Alistair had no choice…and now the Commonwealth hunts him. But are they the only threat? When the Rebels escaped through the portal, the planet they chose seemed like the perfect place to hide. Shrouded in flames, with underground caves and passages, Alistair knew it would give them a chance to regroup. He was wrong. What or who is this dark force that hunts them? As Dreadnaughts narrow their search and come closer to the planet called Phoenix, it has become clear that their options are limited. Caught between two threats, Alistar knows only one thing: The Commonwealth never forgets or forgives. What is his next move?


Only The Strong Wear Black:

Have you ever been caught between two identities? Cheyenne’s come face-to-face with her jailbird Drow dad. She has to come to terms with the whole picture of her family. Mom was a political operative, and Dad likes to plot anarchy. Can L’zar Verdys help her reach her true potential from inside a Chateau D’rahl cell? Cheyenne’s Goth-grad-student world and her magical role as a badass Drow halfling is blurring. Family history can be the hardest kind to bear. The rebellion she’s battling was started by L’zar and has become an endless O’gúl war that has fallen to her to end.


The Cult of Tiamat:

Legend says that all dragons have a mother, a goddess-dragon named Tiamat. But few dragons take those old stories seriously these days. It’s been too long since anyone saw Tiamat. Her tale has faded into myth. A cult of her followers still remains, though. These dragons believe that someday, a dragon will rise who is the sum of all dragons, with the powers of every dragon. When that dragon comes, Tiamat will be close behind. Kylara knows nothing of these legends, but she’s about to take center stage in a story which began thousands of years ago. Because the Cult of Tiamat is real, their power has not waned as much as most dragons believe, and many among them feel the time of their prophecy is upon them.


The Unexplainable Fairy Godmother:

Happily Ever After College has been churning out fairy godmothers for centuries.  But their outdated curriculum can’t keep up with the modern world. They need something edgy. Something new, to keep true love alive. They need Paris Beaufont. However, this fairy loses her lunch if she watches a romantic comedy. Love songs give her hives. She punched the last guy who tried to flirt with her. Needless to say, Paris Beaufont isn’t the romantic type.  But she’s going to have to learn how to create budding love for others or she’s going to jail. When a series of criminal offenses forces Paris to attend fairy godmother college, she has to learn not to just stomach romance, but to master it.



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