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 Week in Review September 19 – 25, 2021

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Is basing one’s strategy on dream riddles the best idea?

Zaena doesn’t know what to make of her new friend’s prophetic ability, but she’s ready to use any tools available to her. Can Zaena’s belief in her ultimate success justify the cost of using Saelli’s abilities?

A critical new clue sends her away from her new home to confront an ancient threat in Europe. Zaena thinks she’s ready for whatever might come, but as everyone knows, even a battle-hardened elven princess can be surprised. Does anyone really expect a dead tribe to come back to life?

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Rogue Ops e-book coverRogue Ops:

Diana Sheen and her team have been the Feds go-to Agents when magical trouble threatens. Their ongoing mission to collect dangerous Rhazdon Artifacts is more important than ever. Enemies don’t stand a chance. Cutting edge technology, honed magical skills and artifact weapons gave them an advantage. But what happens when the Feds they trusted no longer trust them?

Diana, Rath the troll, Cara, Bryant, and the rest of the team will have to turn to the allies they’ve made on their missions. Ruby Achera arrives from Magic City. Diana even reaches out to Nylotte, the Drow mentor. But is she far more than she seems? Can any of it be enough when the foundations you counted on have turned on you? Only time will tell if the skills Diana learned from her old mentors help her escape and then – fight back.

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Doom Under The Shadow e-book coverDoom Under the Shadow:

Ax-Wed has fought the curse of her people tooth and nail, but it has finally caught up with her. Is her time finally running out or is there any hope that she can escape the insidious sorcery that threatens to devour her from within? And if her failure to outrun the dark past brings her to a sure and certain end, how can she make it such that those she loves will be safe and the wicked world will never forget her passing?

Her path brings her to an ancient mountain city with monsters without, monsters within, and monsters beneath. Faced by enormous odds, Ax-Wed’s fell hand will wield her grinning weapon with a resoluteness born of necessity. But evil is unleashed when eldritch schemes wrought and brewed decades before finally bear their terrible fruit. With her enemy both without and within, can she hope to stand, even when falling means death or worse for those in her care?

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True Dedication e-book coverTrue Dedication:

With families like these, who needs enemies?

Mr. Fairbanks blames me for his daughter’s defiance. Mrs. Onassis says I poisoned her son’s mind. And Mr. Pierce thinks I’m taking advantage of his children. My friends know it’s not true and they want to turn things around. Too bad they’re all walking wounded.

Everyone else in my year is plagued by their past, shackled by obligation, or deathly ill. I can’t stand back and watch them get hurt anymore. But our one potential ally on the trustee board has his own secret agenda.

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1885 e-book cover1885:

The year is 1885. In Wyoming, USA, a ruthless gang of train robbers steals a small fortune from a Union Pacific railroad car, starting a chase through the territory that can only end in tragedy. But it’s when the gang comes across an innocent family of ranchers, mercilessly murdering the entire household, that the Huntress of Men is forced into the hunt. Instigated by the Goddess of War to accept her true nature, Narama has no other option other than to seek revenge by any means necessary.

Joining the Union Pacific Rangers in a desperate attempt to bring the criminals to prison, the Huntress of Men has one job, escort the murderous leader of the gang to a court of law. But the path to retribution will be covered with blood as the outlaws will sacrifice anything to free their leader before he can be finally brought to justice.

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