The year might be winding down, but we have four or five new series launching in the last few weeks of the year. Of course, there will be even more series coming your way in 2024, but new series to carry us into the new year are a great way to end 2023 and start 2024.

As we wind down the year, we have the last free books week of the year coming your way as well as some other small surprises as well. We hope you enjoy them. ​​

However, this week I have 4 amazing books launching this week and the first of them released this morning! That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Drow Guardian
Series: The Chronicles of Shadow Bourne Book 2
Release Date: 12/4/2023

Nothing is ever a coincidence in LaLa Land. When a friend’s ex-wife is murdered, the city’s guardian Drow, Ellis Burton suspects something more is going on. But what?

The clues say the police cannot be trusted in this case. The question is, who can be?

And who is covering up the truth, and why?

Someone in L.A. has been tracking Ellis and she soon finds out it’s the senior Drow, her father.

It’s not a fun family reunion. But is there really such a thing?

She doesn’t have time for his threats or shenanigans. There are more dangerous things happening in the city of make-believe.

Like the locket she’s wearing. It might be the key to figuring out if her mother is in hiding or dead. Can the half Drow figure it out?

Ellis is determined. She will get the answers she seeks while protecting the city she has grown to love, from the shadows.

Title: Wings in Flames
Series: Weir Dragon Academy Book 3
Release Date: 12/05/2023

If you sow sparks, they’ll bloom an inferno.

I’m in hot water with my grades. Winter break is full of remedial lab work and social obligations. Finally certain about staying single, at least dating troubles are behind me.

They’re full steam ahead for my flirtatious sister Scald. The minute we get back to school, rumors flare into a personal natural disaster.

Of course, the mean girl’s behind it.

She is the tyrant of Weir Academy’s social world. I have a plan, not to tear the princess down but to lift Scald up as an alternate candidate for Primrose Princess.

Can a blunt gal like me farm good status, or will my crop go up in flames?

Title: Story of the Dragon
Series: Dragon Oath Book 1
Release Date: 12/07/2023

An unseen angel guards Earth.

The Dragon Protectorate assigned Artemisia to protect Earth from the corruption as soon as she was old enough to stand guard over humanity from her hidden location.

Her magic is the only line of defense against the corruption. She’s done her duty faithfully, watching humanity grow and flourish with only the sphynx, Matraphiel for company. All her life, she blended in, disguised as a human to fight the enemy.

Until the day everything changes.

The corruption steps up the attacks, putting Artemisia under immense pressure to fulfil her duty as protector.

Can she defend a whole planet alone? Or is it time she asked for help?

Scarlet wiped out all corruption on the planet and united humans and dragons without any knowledge that there was more to come.

The world is in peril again. This new enemy is a force none of them have faced before. Scarlet must bring her knowledge and experience to Artemisia in time to save everyone on Earth before everyone and everything succumbs to destruction.

Can the Dragon Protectorate triumph over evil? Or will humanity be culled?

Title: Kingdom of Shadows
Series: Eldritch Engineer Book 2
Release Date: 12/08/2023

Beware the shadows, because not everything hiding in them is harmless…

The Shadow Council have found new allies: shadowy creatures called wraiths. Summoned from another dimension, the wraiths are immune to most forms of attack—and they eat life force. A deadly threat to everyone in Kortall, the wraiths change the balance of power completely.

The Council is on the march again. If Smith and his allies cannot find a way to defeat the wraiths, everything will be lost!

There’s one chance. Legend says there was a Sword of Light carried by a hero centuries ago. If it’s real, the sword would be a deadly weapon against the wraiths, but nobody has seen it in hundreds of years.

The quest to find the sword will demand everything from the seekers.

But if they fail, everything in their world will fall to shadow!

Sometimes no news is good news, not for Artemisia. She is ready for some action after decades of keeping Earth safe.