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Week in Review October 24 – 30, 2021


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We all make mistakes, but for most of us we die and they’re forgotten—not so if you’re immortal. For gods and immortals, grudges live forever. One moment of poor judgment, a lack of understanding, or simply being oblivious to what’s going on around you can elevate you to the top of someone’s to-do list. Be careful who you piss off.

Amid murder, ex-lovers, jewel heists, and much, much wine, the Cumhaill fam jam stays the course of fighting the good fight and standing behind our friends. Ní neart go cur le chéile… There is strength in unity. With the Culling looming in the distance and the knowledge that the showdown is building, we focus on strengthening Team Trouble and our allies. Together we stand. Together we fall. Together we win. And the winner takes all.

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Be careful of angry dragons and WarMages. They’ll forget the ketchup and just burn you to a crisp.

A battle has ended, but the War has just begun. Raven and Dr. Welby think they have the fungus destroyed and the dragons cured, but more are showing up sick or dying. What did they miss? They had to have missed something in the caves… but what? Even the dragons at William’s ranch are infected and going downhill. He finally seeks Raven’s help before it’s too late.

It gets worse. Leander’s mother is sick too. Who is behind this? It’s not natural, that’s for sure. The wild dragons have spotted strangers in the mountains. Are these an invading force responsible for the attacks on the dragons? Where are they from and how can Raven and Leander stop them?

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The future has amazing technology. Our alien allies have magic—and so does Stephanie Morgana. Together, we are building a training system to teach the best of humanity to go to the stars. But the navy have other ideas… BURT is holding back, and Stephanie knows it.

A diplomatic visit to Melligorn takes precedence, and Stephanie gets an up-close and personal lesson in how the Federation works. Stinging from her introduction to the harsh reality of humanity’s place in the hierarchy, Stephanie continues to train while plotting her way to improve things for Earth. Where there’s a Witch, there’s a way. Stephanie’s determination has…interesting outcomes for Earth, and the Melligorn situation heats up when Stephanie and her team return. Will Stephanie gain the control over her magic that she needs to overcome the Dreth?

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Among ghosts and breathers there is a saying… “There is always something going down in New Orleans.” Usually, things are done and dusted for Johnny and Vic by this point.

But the Axeman still has a few tricks in him and a few friends (or perhaps just one very conniving and powerful friend) to call upon. With no more reason to hide, the Axeman is going to get his prize…no matter what, With the entire city of New Orleans as his killing field, Johnny and Vic’s investigation is much, much bigger. They don’t need to find the killer. They need to figure out how to permanently end him. Will Johnny and Vic take down the Axeman before he and his shadowy benefactor change what life means forever? Or will Johnny and Vic find out what happens when one of them dies?

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 Family Reunion:

Werewolves running wild? That can’t be true. And a drug trade out of control. The Shadows are sent in to investigate. Who is Bloody Darling? Why are drug gangs using werewolves as watch dogs? That’s not how it works. But that’s how it is in Hopefill City. Eternity. A drug to take a person away. A little goes a long way to relieve the pain. The pain of life. The shame of existence.

Jack, Tc’aarlat, and Adina arrive to look into the issues plaguing a station that has not called for help. The Shadows are there in an unofficial capacity, especially since Adina’s uncle has passed away. She has to deal with family. Family Reunion is the sixth and final thrilling adventure in the Age of Expansion’s Shadow Vanguard series. Grab your copy and dive into the action today!

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Only a few dragonriders exist. Only five dragon eggs are left in the world. After they are gone, dragons and riders will be gone forever. Unless one woman can change everything. The only problem is that Sophia Beaufont doesn’t know what to do.

Magitech is seeking to ruin the world. Everything hangs in the balance and not even Mother Nature can fix things. However, something is being orchestrated behind the scenes and S. Beaufont strangely feels like it involves her. Can she help to save the Dragon Elite?

Will magitech destroy the planet?

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Turmoil has long lived in the world… But one halfling has had enough. Paris Beaufont has decided that the wars being waged for centuries need to stop.

But to keep fairies from battling as they have for decades will be costly. Paris Beaufont will pay whatever it takes. That’s the price for love.

For Paris Beaufont, there is nothing more important than creating love in the world and giving it a chance to blossom. But the biggest question is, can this halfling find love for herself after she’s created it for all?

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The Assassin's Trial e-book coverThe Assassin’s Trial:

The problem with court politicians is their ability to stab someone in the back, repeatedly. Skharr DeathEater, the Barbarian of Theros, friend of dwarves and emperors, is a liability. The mysterious Dealer in Whispers and Death has let it be known in the right ears he can kill Skharr DeathEater. For a hell of a price. The Dealer has never failed to kill their target in over the two hundred years of their existence, and they love a good challenge.

Can Skharr get himself out of this challenge? Will his friends allow him to go at it alone? Even the Emperor is shocked to learn he must wait to find out what happens. Will Skharr survive the Assassin’s Trial for a killing (this time) he didn’t commit? If he does, how will he attack a phantom no one can find?

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Law of the Jungle e-book coverLaw of The Jungle:

Santana Sokolov might be the one person who ties together all the mysteries of ATLANTICA. Which will probably get her killed. The woman has a penchant for the ancient.  When Santana is approached by two enemy factions looking for the same legendary item, she partners with old friend Dick Chambers to enter the wilderness and unlock the mystery.

Unbeknownst to all, a powerful cult is hunting it too, and they’re destroying everything in their path to get there first. Will Santana be able to solve the mystery before the cult does?Will Chambers be able to deal with the jungle? Will Santana be able to restrain herself from choking her friend while they hunt the artifact?

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