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Excellent Week in Review May 3 – 8, 2020


Does your mother love a good book? Then share this list of fantastic new releases with her today!


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Dragons in Space:

I think the title says it all! But just in case:

When an alien crashes on Earth and says that he has a special weapon that can defeat the Dark One, everyone was all ears. Alex and her team of Boundless will do whatever it takes to defeat him.


Huntress Scout:

Kidnapped Shifters, Fae Plots, and a Second Huntress. Quinn Faust used to be the only Huntress in town. Now a stranger threatens to upset everything.


Magic Unbound:

Magic is still on the fritz. To put it right, the Hadstrom sisters take a winding tour across Austin to find the artifacts for their final spell.



There is one thing you do not do… go after Brownstone’s family. Powerful entities on Oriceran listen to prophecy and fear a threat to their home world.


Alright, are you game? Even with only 4 books this week, it’s still a fantastic line-up that will appeal to all sorts of readers, including Mom!


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