Another Monday morning is upon us! And do you know what that means – besides it being Monday and the work week is beginning? It means it’s time for me to tell you about the new releases coming your way throughout the week. That should make your Monday a bit better, right?

I have 4 incredible books launching this week and to kick this week off right, the first one released this morning! That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Peace of Mind
Series: Chronicles of a Hidden Citty Book 3
Release Date: 06/03/2024

Two brothers hunting monsters, solving mysteries, and facing the sinister landscape of a sentient city coming back to life—and having fun doing it.


Just when I accept my destiny of being the guardian of a sentient city, the fae universe throws me the ultimate curveball—the return of my predecessors. The Light Weavers are back and just as powerful and enigmatic as ever.

But I don’t have time to worry about being replaced…not with magical mishaps, monsters, and an army of Dark Weavers gaining strength in the shadows. It’s time to harness everything I’ve learned to prove I’m the man for the job—even if I have to bend a few laws of nature to do it.


Going from undercover work in Guns and Gangs to policing a magical city under attack from squid-faced bastards isn’t as big a jump as I first thought. And with every wave of Isilon awakening, there are more bodies in the city to protect and serve.

With every mystery we solve and danger we mitigate, I realize our biggest challenge might be understanding the city itself. As the final showdown with the Dark Weavers unfolds, we test the bonds of brotherhood, magic, and everything we value most in life…and death.

Title: Arbiter of Shadows
Series: Valerie Stonehold Book 3
Release Date: 06/05/2024

A faerie assassin. A priceless favor. An impossible choice.

Valkyrie “Val” Stonehold faces her toughest challenge yet when her best friend Sinatria asks for a life-changing favor. Val must become the faerie Tetra’s liege—a magically binding contract that grants her complete control over the assassin.

Playing jailer to a resentful faerie is the least of Val’s worries.

As she juggles to protect her dwarf clients from a ruthless gang, and unravel the secrets of her mysterious amulet, Val finds herself in a web of danger and deceit that threatens everything she holds dear.

Can Val keep her loved ones safe while unraveling the mysteries of her powerful amulet? Will Tetra find redemption and a place to belong in the human world?

In a thrilling blend of urban fantasy and paranormal suspense, Val and Tetra’s journey will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

Title: Mirror of Vanity
Series: Beyond Mercenary Book 3
Release Date: 06/06/2024

A curse, a quest, and a battle for the soul.

In a world where shadows and light intertwine, Damon, a young hero, embarks on a perilous journey to save his father from a dark curse.

Joined by his brother, a vampire with secrets as dark as blood, and a mysterious witch, Damon must navigate the ancient, mystic highlands of Scotland in search of a legendary artifact.

The key to breaking the curse lies within the Mirror of Vanity, guarded by the deadliest of sins: Pride.

As they face trials that test the very fabric of their souls, trust becomes a gamble, and the lines between salvation and damnation blur. With each step, the shadow dragon’s curse threatens to unravel the threads of existence itself.

Will their quest lead to a dawn of new hope, or will they succumb to the endless night that awaits?

Join Damon on a journey where love, loyalty, and sacrifice collide, and the price of victory may be higher than anyone is willing to pay. Can they shatter the Mirror of Vanity and break the curse, or will Pride consume them all?

Title: Price of Magic
Series: The Leira Chronicles Book 15
Release Date: 06/07/2024

Leira Berens finally gets to face her greatest foe since Rhazdon and that old Witch nearly took everyone down with her.

Wolfstan Humphrey is back but with a twist. He’s found a way to steal power from other magicals and live large, if he doesn’t mind the rising tide of slime.

The Silver Griffins are back but the Red Phoenix poses a new threat to a very old institution. Will Lois and Patsy hunt down their former fellow agents?

Ossonia almost made it out, but the Vergold blocked her path out of the World in Between. Will there be a happily ever after for the Light Elf and Perrom, at long last?

Harkin’s been keeping secrets again that just lead to more questions. Where has Correk’s mother been all this time and who put a curse on her?

Ariana will finally face off with her wily Uncle Felix but does she understand just how far he will go for power and revenge? What to do with a Wizard who thinks getting hit by lightning is a spa day?

Leira feels the mounting dangers rising on all fronts as everyone comes together to fight alongside her. This time, however, she’s got some new skills courtesy of the seer they won’t see coming. Plus, there’s that troll up to his usual and hanging out with his best buddy, Hagan again.

Can Wolfstan finally be defeated?