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Heroines lead in this Week in Review for July 5th-July 10th, 2020


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With 4 different books released this week, These Heroines all have a story to keep us wanting more.
The Rule of Magic:

Magic is getting pushed closer to the breaking point. Leira Berens knows how to hunt down criminals, but can the detective learn to harness her new powers? She has allies in the Silver Griffins, and the necklace is finally close, but it may already be too late.


The Morgan’s Rock Trilogy:

When author Megan Pressfield comes to Morgan’s Rock to work on the sequel to her bestselling novel and get a fresh start after her painful divorce, she discovers the sprawling mansion has a mysterious past. Megan finds a beautiful dress in an armoire, and when she tries it on, she opens a doorway to the past–to 1932.


Huntress Adept:

Magic, a Dragon Egg, and Dark Fae Plots. Huntress Quinn fights for her life against unknown magical threats. But just as she discovers the source, she faces trial for a crime she didn’t commit. Can she rally the city’s defenses, hold her new clan together, and meet the challenge of a trial by Fae?


Invade the Heights:

The end of the world is near. There’s danger upon us. And only the Heinous Sara Slick can stop it.


Shadows of Opinion:

A Venusian floating city might need to be sacrificed to hide secrets. The Conspiracy believes they have an excellent plan to take down Erik and Jia without anyone figuring it out. But what will they unleash to accomplish it? The military makes an offer, but it comes with a very significant risk. How far are Erik, Jia, and Emma willing to go? Will they accept a massive technology upgrade?

With 4 new books this week, I’ve got my reading list stacked, do you? If not, check out these heroines in the Week in Review now!