This week is a short week for some people. For all those who celebrate the holiday at the end of the week, where were some of the favorite places you hid, or maybe found, easter eggs? Do you hide fake eggs filled with candy or coins? Or do you hide real eggs in the yard? 

I have 4 fantastic books launching this week and the first release came out this morning! That’s a great way to start the week!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Witch Slapped
Series: The Nomad Witch Book 2
Release Date: 03/25/2024

New town, new trouble.

Scarlett Prynne, her feline familiar Runeclaw, and her beloved motorcycle Dusk Runner tracked the instability in the local magic flows to Moab, Utah. A surge of magic and the earthquake that followed it made clear why they’d been led to this place.

Scarlett didn’t look for trouble, but it always seemed to seek her out like a hound on the trail of a choice steak. And this day was going to make what she’d dealt with before seem like amateur hour.

Is Redthorn Industries, the town’s biggest employer at the center of the troubles?

Scarlett will need to call on allies both old and new.

Jules, the potion-making proprietor of Mystic Brews, is ready to assist. But the real firepower will come from the Witches on Wheels, a group bound together by their magical abilities and love of the open road.

And where the Witches are found, the Spell Riders and her friends Maddox and Snow can’t be far behind.

But it will take even more than that to fight off this menace. Scarlett will need to get back to Oriceran and retrieve her best weapons for the inevitable fight ahead of her. Maybe kick her brother’s tail for sending her through a portal onto another planet without her best wand.

Trouble at home, trouble in Moab. It’s just a regular day for Scarlett, the Nomad Witch.

Can she solve the mystery of the magical surges and protect the people of Moab? Only one way to find out.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and a dash of mystery, join Scarlett and Runeclaw on their next adventure!

Title: Spells, Wishes & Death
Series: Spells & Wishes Book 4
Release Date: 03/27/2024

Things aren’t always what they seem in EverAfter. What our favorite fairy godmother, Charlotte doesn’t realize is the same holds true in Cincinnati too.

The search for the witch-gone-bad is on.

It’s going to take good ole’ detective work mixed with the magic of a wand to track her, and those missing children before she fattens them up for, well, you know.

Wait! Is the witch evil? Or did the stories get her all wrong?

Do those kids belong with the witch?

That’s not the only adventure waiting for Charlotte and Alex in the magical streets of Cincinnati.

Remember the griffin Charlotte freed? Freeing a large bird with a lion’s claws has sharp consequences.

Time for the fairy godmother and the detective to solve the cases they can and get back to searching for the missing pages of the spellbook.

Everything changes when the pages are returned – if they’re ever returned.

But something that walks like trouble, and talks like trouble – with a little magic on the side – is on its way.

Can Charlotte, Alex, Sir Thomas, and Cat track down more pages before something else goes wrong?

Title: Murderous Objective
Series: Crestview Academy Book 3
Release Date: 03/28/2024

Sebastian Wolfe has no idea who he’s screwing with.

We’re tired of waiting for the main event, and after a hard loss for Javi’s men, we decide it’s time to poke the bear.

One by one, we remove players from the board, closing the walls in on Sebastian to force his hand. When war comes, our little family is tested in ways we never imagined.

I can’t bear to lose anyone else.

Failure is not an option.

Author’s note: Murderous Objective is the final book in the RH/why choose series “Crestview Academy.” Inside these pages, you’ll find all the spice, twists, heavy emotions, and darkness this genre has to offer. PLEASE make sure to check the trigger warnings at the front. There are a couple of new ones from the previous books! Thank you and happy reading!

Title: Witch-Mage Breaking
Series: The Chronicles of the Witch Born Book 5
Release Date: 03/29/2024

Thea is preparing to talk to the Coven about being the liaison with AID.

When a snake changer attacks the Estate while she is waiting, she has to fight it alone.

Then Brandon has to save his fellow council members after a demon tree attacks their meeting.

When a fanged serpent tries to devour Thea’s aunt Giselle, Thea has to determine who is behind the attacks. Is it one entity or many?

Worse, will it always be Jax who gives Thea a ride home?

When Thea discovers that some of the younger witches are being manipulated, she throws all of her power into the fight to save the Coven.

Will the backlash drain her?