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This year is looking hopeful with so many books coming out!

 December 27 – January 2, 2021


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A Witch’s Revenge:

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass. Growing up with five older brothers taught me how to take a hit. Lucky for me because the hits I take as a druid make me yearn for the good old days of sucker-punches, rope burn, and steamroller. There’s no turning back and honestly—I wouldn’t if I could. In a city where vampires, mages, and hobgoblins hate me, I struggle to hold my own and fight the good fight. I was chosen to wear the mark of the Fianna for a reason. I’m Fiona-freaking-Cumhaill. We have dark witches, mutant fae, giants, and the worst? Disgruntled parents. We hold the line with the help of family and friends. We’ve got this! …I hope.



Jennie has returned victorious—or is that Victoria-less?—to America with a thirst for forging new connections with the U.S. government. Jennie and Baxter head to Washington DC. Will the newly-formed Spectral Intelligence Agency be able to handle Rogue’s attitude? Will she make a connection with them before Queen Victoria does? Before Jennie has a chance to find out, a wrong turn takes her and Baxter deep into a backcountry conspiracy.  Jennie and Baxter encounter spectral activity rarely seen, which leads them into a cult case and gives them an in with the SIA. What is a girl to do when not all of the agents are welcoming? Jennie has her ways… The mysterious group known only as “The Shadows” have no morals—and their leader, the Umbra, has no issue with breaking down barriers between the living and the spectral to achieve his sinister goals. Jennie and Baxter must fight to protect both the living world and the spectral kingdom, despite opposition from supposed allies.


Hard Bought Love:

Dotty’s cancer is progressing, and the world of PIVOT is one of the only things that helps her avoid the pain. With her children’s help, the PIVOT team has made her an avatar that looks just like her younger self, and Dotty is now serving as an envoy to help keep the nations of PIVOT from turning on one another. With Prima, Justin, and Tina by her side, she races against time to finish her mission.


Time to Fear:

One human is willing to sacrifice hundreds in his desire to force the Dreth to start a war. A war the Dreth will deliver with vengeance. The rumor of the Witch coming back is not enough. Will Admiral Jaleck make the hard decisions? Back on Earth, John is swept up into events that will bring fire down from the heavens. Or his death. Will John, Ivy, Remy, and Amaratne survive the coming challenges, or will the Regime CIO nail their rebel bodies to the wall? Or will he worry about John so much after he destroys the Dreth and has bigger fish to fry? Not if Stephanie has anything to add to the discussion.


Reconciliation of Hate:

A secret has long been buried.  And when it’s uncovered, the real history of the dragonriders will change everything. The most powerful magical creatures in the world, have long been hated—by most. With great authority, comes many who will challenge it. The new generation of dragonriders face many of the same problems as their ancestors. And it’d difficult to take hold of the world, when they are fighting amongst themselves. The Rogue Riders haven’t gone away. They are just taking their time, growing more powerful. Can the Dragon Elite take their rightful place as the supreme authority, or will their very own ruin them—making the world hate dragonriders?



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