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 Week in Review October 10 – 16, 2021

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If no good deed goes unpunished, what will a lifetime of doing Uncle Sam’s dirty work cost a person? Pain and Agony have hardly cemented their new partnership as “investigative problem solvers” when SISTER comes poking around and raising all kinds of hell. Accusations flying left and right, the dysfunctional duo are back at it.

But can they solve a murder, a kidnapping, and a matter of national security, all in the space of one week? Murder, mayhem, and a societal meltdown are all in a day’s work for our pair, but to top it off, they get hit in the room and board department. Hey, when it rains, it pours. For high speed, ultra-violent, madcap one-lining, plot-twisting action, you can’t do better than grabbing a can of your favorite drink, your favorite reading chair, and a little Pain and Agony.

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Return of raven e-book coverThe Return of Raven:

Raven has grown up and graduated from Fowler Academy. The young witch and the fierce red dragon, Leander are heading out into the wide open world. Raven is taking on the responsibilities of a WarMage – just like her mother – and has joined the corps. Time to get ready for whatever the world throws at her and the kingdom of Lomberdoon.

Something is affecting the dragons, wild and tame. A few have turned up crazed, spitting fire and ice, right before they die. Did the creepy crawly monsters of her childhood leave one last poisonous gift behind? Can Dr. Welby find out what’s causing it and create a cure before it’s too late? And Raven’s grandfather, Connor, is still missing. Can the frenemy, Bella and her private company track him down for Raven – in exchange for a favor, of course.

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The future has amazing technology. Our alien allies have magic. Together, we are building a training system to teach the best of humanity to go to the stars. But the training is monumentally expensive. Stephanie Morgana is a genius, she just doesn’t know it.

The Artificial Intelligence which runs the Virtual World is charged with testing Stephanie, a task it has never performed before. The Earth and their allies, may never be the same again. Will Stephanie pass the test and be moved to the advanced preparatory schools, or will the system miss her? Will the AI be able to judge a human’s potential in an area where it has no existing test data to compare?

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Alien Scourge e-book coverAlien Scourge:

Charley and Angelina have a lot to deal with. Do they help their friend or turn him in for being an alien? In some situations, you don’t know how you will react until someone tries to kill you… And your alien friend keeps you safe. Angelina’s boyfriend believes she will come back with the right amount of coercion if he gets rid of her “friend.” Charley is willing to come along for the ride and the chance to do what he does best.

Terry must realize that humans have free will and do not react well when you make decisions for them. He can’t protect those who want to protect him, so what does Terry do?Nothing intelligent until he deals with Angelina’s feelings. It might just be better to face the alien without his pistol. When you make friends on an alien planet, sometimes your emotions come along for a ride you didn’t expect.

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How many times can the evilest dragon who ever lived come back? At least one more, it seems, and it’s all hands on deck as the Steel Guard musters to fight him. As if that wasn’t enough, a new variation of Pixie Dust, a dragon drug that makes dragons act like they’re felines on catnip, can make humans explode—after they turn into dragons.

Is the evilest dragon involved in that too? Even if he isn’t, they can’t ignore that humans-turned-dragons are wreaking havoc in one city after another. They need to put a stop to it.

Will the wits and battle prowess of the Steel Guard be sufficient to stop all this?

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Dragonriders need to come together. The problem is, they’ve been separated for too long. And one evil man has used this to his advantage.

While the Dragon Elite have been in hiding, training at the Gullington, Thad Reinhart has been plotting their demise. Now it’s time for his plans to come to fruition. Unless Sophia Beaufont and the Dragon Elite can learn what he’s up to and stop him.

Or will Thad Reinhart’s magitech do the one thing every dragonrider fears most? Continue the adventure and find out if Sophia and the Elite can save the dragon population.

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