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Heroines keep fighting the fight in this Week in Review for September 6th- September 12th, 2020


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Warmage: Night Riders:

The clock is ticking for Raven and her friends and things are only going to get worse before they get better. The search is on for a spell in the Valley of Keepers, while everyone else tries to keep things running smoothly back home. Easier said than done. Armed with her mom’s sword and a magical map, Raven and her dragon set off to find the last thing they need. Will the two be able to find it in time? Can Raven and Leander get back to Lomberdoon in time to set things straight?


Adverse Possession:

The Federation sends Rivka and her team to resolve a case of settlers squatting on a remote planet when the owners finally came calling. Not what it seems. Three generations of settlers and more. A planet that isn’t as welcoming as it appears. Crops coming ripe. Miners ready to dig. Tempers flare as the sides face off. Until the Magistrate gets in the middle of it with all the firepower at her command – the law, a calm voice. and a good railgun.


Promises Kept:

When Bethany Anne makes a promise, heavens and planets will be moved to keep it. She swore to protect the Federation before taking the fight to the Kurtherians. Nine months into the tour, and the Federation is still vulnerable when Gödel strikes. Renewed alliances bring the Federation together to fight the anti-Empire movement threatening its stability.

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