Another week, another round of new releases for all of you to enjoy! We have another new series launching this week which we have a sneak peek for you below! A bunch of series are continuing their stories this week too! You won’t want to miss those either.

Which releases are you looking forward to this week?​​

I have 5 superb books launching this week and one of them is out now. That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Rebel Squad
Series: Pixie Rebels Book 2
Release Date: 03/06/2023

What do you get when you leave a trio of pixies alone for too long? Mischief and mayhem—on the double!

Triple it when they’re trapped in a contained military facility built inside a mountain. These pixies can make just about anything work, as long as they get to have a little fun doing it.

When Z and her cousins are finally moved to their new station at Fort Carson, Colorado, magicals in the Army are still a big secret. We’ll see how long that lasts.

A new home, a new commanding officer, and a whole lot of space all to themselves. These magical soldiers aren’t quite ready to face battle just yet.

Their last bit of isolated training can’t possibly be a breeding ground for more pixie mischief, right? Wrong.

There are always ways to cause a little trouble.

But Z gets a few hits of her own medicine when the nightmares return—From the last night on Oriceran and the tragedy that turned her and her cousins into the last living pixies of the Thornbrook clan.

Nightmares and an Oriceran contract stolen from a safety deposit box may just make the perfect combination.

If Z and her cousins pass their new classes to move on to the next phase of Army life, they may just find a way to unlock the secrets of Z’s nightmares. All while handling their upcoming new jobs as Military Police. Who would’ve thought?

Can Z, Domino, and Echo take things seriously enough to make it through the last of their training and prove their worth to the military? Or will it all go haywire from serving in secret to blowing the lid off this new Army program?

Title: Bigger Guns, More Trouble
Series: Big Easy Bounty Hunter Book 3
Release Date: 03/07/2023

The hunter becomes the hunted.

The dark council needs deniability. Their best way to get it?

Send a bounty the Big Easy Bounty Hunter can’t resist.

A dangerous assassin comes to town, and Matt has no idea he’s the mark.

Sibling rivalry is a sisterly rite of passage.

In the dark families, it’s deadly.

Natalia’s sister and jilted fiancé hit the Big Easy with revenge on their minds.

To make matters worse, Natalia’s magic is still unreliable, with no cure in sight.

Can Matt and Natalia overcome their latest obstacles, or will all the challenges be too much to conquer?

Title: Recruited
Series: Para-Military Recruiter Book 5
Release Date: 03/08/2023

Flushed with the signing bonus to end all signing bonuses, Julie has one more recruit in mind.


Despite Lillie’s bequeathment giving her options she had never imagined she’d have, Julie knows it’s time to move on.

The assassination attempts on the heirs keep coming, and completing her military training puts Julie in the position to do more to protect the people she cares about.

Learning to fight and shoot is only one aspect of Julie’s education. Her connection to the Lords of the Deep grows as she begins her mentoring with the Augury.

How can one (not so) little egg inspire a connection spanning realms?

Julie’s bond with the unborn dragon could be the key to discovering her true identity.

It’s the only link she has. Julie’s efforts to discover who she is keep coming up empty…until an assignment to protect the Aether Princess sheds some light on the mystery.

Could a figure from legend give Julie the lead she needs to unravel the past that was hidden from her for her own protection?

Dangerous opportunities e-book coverTitle: Dangerous Opportunities
Series: Piercing the Veil Book 1
Release Date: 03/10/2023

Three IT Nerds build the next big “AR” tool. Unfortunately, what they build uncovers the Magical Veil for those using their tool.

Natalie, Rich, and Lucas are two days away from being homeless and penniless when they realize their invention gives them the ability to see a world that has been hidden from humans.

Do they try to learn more about their discovery, or sell and fix their financial woes?

The decision is taken from them when Lucas’ prickly nature lands him in hot water with a rogue mage. There may be advantages to being a cat, but the inability to roll the dice puts Lucas out of commission is more than a curse…

He’s out of the D&D game until he can get back on two feet.

Help from the magical world comes in the form of Alia: an elf with an attitude…and a propensity for petty crime.

The three friends run into Alia while she is working on a way to take down the rogue. In the process, their eyes are opened to the dark reality of childhood myths.

Can Alia learn to trust the humans and free her people? Will the trio find a way to undo Lucas’ curse and solve their real world problems before time runs out?

Title: Lace and Flames
Series: The Chosen Legacy Book 2
Release Date: 03/10/2023

Love is a crime and freedom is a dream in Province 5-9, but Ren isn’t playing by the rules.

There are only three contestants left. With no clear path to freedom for any of them, Ren is almost out of time and choices. Almost.

She has one chance of salvation: the rebels.

If she can find them.

In the highly-anticipated sequel to Glitter and Kindling, Ren navigates the dangers of the Council and the growing rebellion as she fights for a future worth living for. 

The stakes are higher than ever. Ren must decide where her loyalties lie, especially when she does the one thing she forbade herself from doing…

…falling in love.

With a heart divided, she is forced to confront the harsh realities of choosing between the love she never imagined and the freedom she could gain.

Both could be possible if she’s willing to risk everything and everyone she cares about. However, rebellion comes at a cost, and her choice could change the future of her province.

The lines are drawn, but which side will she choose?

Dangerous Opportunities banner

It doesn’t look good for Natalie, Rich, and Lucas. With only two days until their life as they know it is over, can they keep it together long enough to make their technology work?