As April draws to a close, we bid farewell to a month filled with blooming flowers, gentle showers, and the promise of warmer days ahead. This week, we welcome the arrival of May, a month that brings with it the vibrant colors of spring in full swing and the anticipation of summer’s approach. May is a time for outdoor adventures, picnics in the park, and the celebration of Mother’s Nature’s beauty. As we step into this new month, let us embrace the opportunities for growth that come with the changing of the seasons. Here’s to a fantastic May filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments!

I have 4 amazing books launching this week and the first one released this morning That’s a great way to kick off this week!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Drow Rising
Series: The Chronicles of Shadow Bourne Book 5
Release Date: 04/29/2024

Ellis has been sold short by her family all her life, living in the shadows. That didn’t stop our favorite Drow from finding her own path, even when it led straight into danger on the dark streets of the city of angels

It started out so simple, watching over the night dwellers in the big city, including her misguided brother. But the mystery deepened around her family’s tangled web in the drug business, pulling in Ellis.

Then she found at least some of the answers about her missing mother. Were the two things tangled together? Seems like no one wanted to deal straight with Ellis.

Here’s a really good tip. Never double-cross a Drow, especially one as clever as Ellis. Now, there are a lot of Russian gangsters who are doing their best to learn that the hard way.

Fortunately, Ellis still has friends in all the right places who are willing to lend a hand with a few new magical tricks. Will they be enough to stop the city’s version of a really big bang? Will Ellis get everyone to safety or was she just the bait for a more dangerous plot?

Title: Payback’s A Witch
Series: The Nomad Witch Book 3
Release Date: 04/30/2024

Why is everyone trying to kill Scarlett Prynne and her magical cat, Runeclaw?

He’d say it’s because she’s attracted to trouble.

She’d say it’s because trouble is attracted to her.

Either way, danger is on their tail.

A stop at a ghost town ends with the ghosts trying to kill Scarlett, and okay, worse, trying to damage her enchanted motorcycle, Dusk Runner.

Provo, Utah isn’t much better. Magicals aren’t exactly welcome in the town. Scarlett catches word that Redthorn Industries wants it that way.

Scarlett and Redthorn have a bad history. Round two isn’t going to be any better.

On her side, Scarlett has new allies in Provo’s magical community looking out for her kind. The magical kind. And her old allies, the Spell Riders and the Witches on Wheels, who are always looking to roll into trouble and mix it up.

She’ll need them all. Redthorn is up to something big, and Darrin Redthorn, the CEO, has a personal grudge against Scarlett. Blowing up their operation at the previous stop on her trek across America’s western states didn’t make him happy, to say the least, and now he wants to return the favor.

Scarlett Prynne is right in the middle of chaos again.

As if that wasn’t enough, college students are vanishing from the local University, and no one knows why. As Runeclaw would say, it’s the duty of a guardian to check it out.

Make that two guardians, one cat and one witch. Can they survive Redthorn and figure out what’s happening to the students? Only one way to find out.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, myst

Title: Diplomatic Decisions
Series: Diplomat’s Apprentice Book 4
Release Date: 05/01/2024

A thrilling space adventure with danger lurking in every corner!

Anwyn Owens, a starship pilot for the Malcolm Star Circus, seeks a new venue for their performances. The massive space station carved out of an asteroid seems like the perfect opportunity.

Her politically prominent uncle entrusts her with a message for the station’s owner, while a team of operatives she’s encountered before has their own agenda.

Anwyn must navigate these challenges while considering her future and a second chance to join the team.

An old enemy, still bitter from his previous defeat, sees her presence as an opportunity for revenge. With the help of friends in both high and low places, Anwyn must confront this danger head-on.

Anwyn realizes she has something to prove, not just to her friends, but to herself. Can she rise to the challenge and emerge victorious?

Will Anwyn’s skills and allies be enough to overcome the obstacles in her path, or will her enemy’s revenge plot spell disaster for the circus and its future?

Title: Shieldmaiden of the Modern Realm
Series: Valerie Stronghold Book 2
Release Date: 05/03/2024

There’s nothing Val enjoys more than a cheerful bar brawl.

Val is expanding her horizons as she settles into her new abode. Her jewelry business is taking off, and she’s also found a pub or two for relaxing. Plus, she’s got the bodyguard business, and the occasional bouncing gig.

Busy dwarf!

She’s also learning the art and science of having friends.

One of them, Stella, will be moving, which forces Val to make a choice.

Has she finally found a world that will accept her?

Does she want to make it her home?

Then Anne, her first client who now a friend as well, calls her about another protection job, and she can’t say no.

A red-carpet event and a movie star. When Val shows up, the venue’s manager doesn’t make things easy. Dicks get measured, and the winner is…