Last Ditch Effort eBook Cover

Here is the 2nd snippet for the exciting, and thrilling, Last Ditch Effort! Coming next week!


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Snippet #2:


Midtown Manhattan, New York City

Most people would have been horrified.

It would be a rare privilege to ascend to the top of the finest condominium in all of Manhattan and see the palatial penthouse, where most plebeians could never, ever afford to live. And then, if a visitor stepped through the door for the proverbial unveiling, they would find the place utterly trashed.

The expected opulence would be little more than polished turd—a gilded shithole and the obvious abode of a gold-plated shithead.

Of course, David Remington—the sole permanent resident and scion to the vast wealth of the New York Remingtons—had been called far worse things than that. Had someone flung such feeble insults directly into his face, he would not have cared.

In all honesty, he didn’t really care about most things.

He had been unconscious—for one reason or another—and sprawled on the perfectly-shaped cushions of his loveseat in only his silk boxers. Now, however, he began to stir and wake up.

The inane prattle from his state-of-the-art television with its intricate sound system was what woke him. A news anchor with a standard-issue newsman’s voice—a clear, self-important monotone and clipped, well-enunciated delivery—seemed to go on and on. His alcohol-dampened brain began to recognize the words.

“Two weeks ago,” the uninspiring anchor said, “we reported on an incident in which the police were called to restore order at the bacchanalian bash hosted by a wealthy Manhattan playboy.”

David allowed one eye to drift open. He wondered who they could possibly be talking about.

“A number of lawsuits were issued in the wake of the chaos. Due to confidentiality issues—as well as the fact that this is a family-friendly program—we cannot divulge all the details. However, information is still coming in, even now, and we do have one important update. The lawsuits are still being pursued. There are, at present, no fewer than three of them.”

He rubbed the one eye that seemed to have returned to life. “No, they’re not still being pursued, you imbecile. Not all of them.” He scowled with moody displeasure while he fumbled beside the loveseat for the familiar and comforting neck of a large glass bottle. “We’re down to two. I paid that slut in Twelve-A off with a spare Rolex last week. Get your research right.”


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