A Collection of Short Stories

A Collection of Short Stories

KatieDora are BACK in eight demonically delightful short stories!

Note: These short stories were originally published as a part of Protected by the Damned version 2.0 books 1-8.

From the bright lights of Vegas to Hollywood and beyond, Katie and Pandora have returned for another round of no filter, no holds barred, ass-kicking action in brand new adventures and all the juicy scenes you didn’t see the first time around.

Bullets and betrayal are a hell of a backdrop for a girl on a mission to watch her soaps before the next call comes in.

Personal growth is something Pandora would tell you only happens when a guy gets excited. Katie knows there’s a heart of gold hiding beneath her demon’s snarky exterior.

You can’t keep a good demon down. Unless you ask nicely…

Can the once-shy college student-turned-demon hunting mercenary find a way to connect with the horny, hungry hellion sharing her body before their way of life lands them both in the deepest, darkest recess of Hell?

First included as bonus material in the first eight Protected by the Damned books, these shorts are an excellent introduction to the main story.

But read with caution… They might lead you to the dark side.

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About the Author
Michael Todd

with Michael Anderle

Hello, my name is Michael Todd and I'm a fun-loving guy who writes full-time for a living.

Protected by the Damned (and other stories I might place here) are some of my 'other things' I work on when I take a break from other authoring responsibilities.

In other words, when I'm playing Hookey.

In order to separate what has become a HUGE wall of books and get a chance to play again, I've snuck out of my real author name and built this pen name to have some fun at the small level once more.

I hope you like these stories as we build new fans and family moving forward with Protected by the Damned.

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