Alison Brownstone Omnibus #2 (Books 9-15)

Alison Brownstone Omnibus #2 (Books 9-15)

Here's your chance to complete the series with the 2nd omnibus for Alison Brownstone!

The final 7 books in this bestselling, fan-loved series are available in one boxed set at a very low price!

A Brownstone Response:

The Seventh Order has been taken out… Things seem calm. But Alison and her team know better. Trouble’s always coming for a Brownstone. Good thing she has an answer for them.

Brownstone Security’s reputation is spreading, which means more jobs for the growing team. But more money means more mayhem looking for them. Can the team dig deeper and pull out another win?

A Brownstone Solution:

What could be harder for Alison than hunting magical beasties? Meeting Mason’s parents.

Now she knows what Mason felt like meeting her father. Well, that was James Brownstone, so… maybe not.

No time to ponder impressing the parents anyway – she has other issues to deal with.

And an unknown person has reached out to Tahir and Hana about Omni’s owner. Something smells a bit fishy about the whole situation – and it’s not Omni being a fish.

Keep Your Enemies Closer:

Alison bloodied the Tapestry, but has she defeated them?

With her foes operating under the radar, Alison thinks she has time, but when the mysterious magic-enhancing drug Ultimate arrives in Seattle, she is faced with a shocking conspiracy that might reach from Las Vegas to Seattle. Sadistic wizards willing to experiment are flocking to town.

Rise Up:

It’s hard to plan a wedding when the bad guys just won’t take a hint. Invite only…

Brownstone Security is hired for what should be a relatively simple job. Nothing about the job is as it seems and Alison ends up working with the FBI’s first witch on the case.

Dark Reunion:

Sometimes even a Brownstone needs to get away from it all. Did the bad guys not get the memo? Alison Brownstone is on vacation. Do not disturb.

Oh they disturbed.

But when your mom is Shay Carson and she makes two requests of you, you take them seriously. 1. Go on a father-daughter bounty hunt. 2. Go on vacation. How can Alison say no? She can’t.

Two Brownstone’s on a bounty. That dude’s going down hard.

It’s not like Seattle will burn down because Alison isn’t there, right?

Drow Conqueror:

Alison Brownstone is a Drow Princess with no ordinary powers. Time to remind a few people just what that means. Kick ass, don’t bother taking names.

Alison is in Mongolia to rescue Mr. D’s nephew, but things aren’t adding up. Are the other Drow trying to off Alison and her team to secure their succession?

Drow Triumphant:

It’s the beginning of the end. The other Drow princess and queen just don’t know it… yet.

It’s business as usual for Brownstone Security. Drow threats or not, they still have work to do.

Agent Latherby requests Alison’s help on an off the books assignment that is more personal in nature.

It’s time to find a ghost ship and any survivors left from more than 100 years ago.

A ghost ship the Drow manage to show up at. This Drow succession fight is getting tiresome. Time to take the fight to them.

Alison has plenty of resources, including James Brownstone, to solve the problem for good. Is she willing to risk her family and friends to put the proper leadership on the Drow throne?

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