Aria of Betrayal

Aria of Betrayal

Cora gave up everything to stay alive. Her relationship, her home, and her actual life.

She didn’t even get a t-shirt to go with her ethically murky career path and the two foster kids who crash landed in her life.

Parenting the powerful comes with growing pains no one could prepare Cora for.

Andrew has run back to the cult she helped him and Andrea escape from. Andrea is sure that Andrew has gone back to prove his usefulness and take down the Evolved from the inside, but there’s no guarantee of that.

Caught between worry for his safety and the fear that his return is down to her failure, Cora’s only option is to mount an impossible rescue mission for someone who might want the world destroyed.

Will the precarious limb Cora put herself out on for the kids snap and send her plummeting to her death? Or can the family ties she’s created take the strain and save everyone?

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