Be A Hero Or Die

Be A Hero Or Die

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Series: Heaven's Peak, Book 1
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Heaven's Peak, LITRPG STAND ALONE
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

When Earth fell, our world was left in the claws of monstrous alien invaders. Among those who remain is a young man who has the beginnings of someone who can help.

His journey begins not on the scorched battlegrounds of Earth but in the distant reaches of space, on a station known as Heaven's Peak.

Heaven's Peak isn't merely a sanctuary—it's a forge.

There, the boy will be transformed, his frail human body enhanced by alien technology into a weapon capable of standing against the brutal creatures dominating Earth.

Will this young warrior survive, grow stronger, and ultimately spearhead humanity's fightback?

Or will the rigorous training kill him before he has the chance to face the real enemy?

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About the Author
Michael Todd

with Michael Anderle

Hello, my name is Michael Todd and I'm a fun-loving guy who writes full-time for a living.

Protected by the Damned (and other stories I might place here) are some of my 'other things' I work on when I take a break from other authoring responsibilities.

In other words, when I'm playing Hookey.

In order to separate what has become a HUGE wall of books and get a chance to play again, I've snuck out of my real author name and built this pen name to have some fun at the small level once more.

I hope you like these stories as we build new fans and family moving forward with Protected by the Damned.

This Coke is for You!

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