Enemy of My Enemy Complete Series Omnibus

Enemy of My Enemy Complete Series Omnibus

A battle. A spaceship crashes on an alien planet. Its combat troops deploy. The aliens run for their lives. Until they can run no more. Then they fight back.

An Alien Galactic Military Science Fiction Adventure!

Grab the entire Enemy of My Enemy series in one boxed set!

Any Port in a War:

Against a superior enemy, technology is key. But the aliens don’t have better tech.

They have grit and catlike reflexes.

And tails.

Taj fights to unite a determined populace against a professional military vying for the planet’s future.

Refuge in the Stars:

There’s no place like home. Until it gets destroyed.

The Furlorians will fight! But they can’t win. They run.

To the stars where the next battle rages. Loss means extinction.

Escape! Survive! The cat people are just starting to find their way.

It’s now or never.

For the survival of their species, Taj leads the race to find the enemy of her enemy.

A Subtle War:

Embraced by strangers. The Furlorians want to earn their trust.

The Federation needs help and Taj volunteers. She takes the team to a distant planet. The fate of her people doesn’t depend on her success, but if she fails, the Furlorians’ hope goes with her.

Wearing that mantle, they hold nothing back as they go into the lion’s den, their cat eyes focused on a singular goal.


It’s long past time to reclaim what is their own.

The Furlorians’ patience has reached an end. The Federation knows that their home is the best place for them to settle. Only the Wyyvan have a different idea.

They have not yet stripped the planet of its resources. Power. Influence. Position.

The Furlorians don’t care that it’s hard, only that it can be done. The Federation has provided a little help in the form of firepower. Bring the pain. Bring the enemy to their knees.

The Wyyvan will not go easily. They also have firepower, more than what they had when they first took the planet. The Furlorians hit the ground running. Energy weapons light up the sky. The final battle has begun.

Join those fighting to save family, friends, and their way of life in the latest exciting Age of Expansion series, in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe.

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About the Author
Tim Marquitz

with Craig Martelle & Michael Anderle

Tim Marquitz is the author of the Demon Squad series, The Enemy of My Enemy series (Kurtherian Gambit), the Blood War Trilogy, as well as several standalone books, and numerous anthology appearances alongside the biggest names in fantasy and horror.
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