Family Reunion

Family Reunion

Werewolves running wild? That can’t be true. And a drug trade out of control.

The Shadows are sent in to investigate.

Who is Bloody Darling? Why are drug gangs using werewolves as watch dogs? That’s not how it works.

But that’s how it is in Hopefill City.

Eternity. A drug to take a person away. A little goes a long way to relieve the pain.

The pain of life. The shame of existence.

Jack, Tc’aarlat, and Adina arrive to look into the issues plaguing a station that has not called for help. The Shadows are there in an unofficial capacity, especially since Adina’s uncle has passed away. She has to deal with family.

Family Reunion is the sixth and final thrilling adventure in the Age of Expansion’s Shadow Vanguard series. Grab your copy and dive into the action today!

On a sad note, Tom Dublin passed away after he’d written the first three books and outlines for several more. We’ve undertaken writing these books for him. We (LMBPN Publishing) are donating one hundred percent of the profit from these books to Tommy’s family.


*NOTE: If cursing is a problem, even humorous cursing, then this might not be for you.

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Tom Dublin

with Craig Martelle & Michael Anderle

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