Fatal Depths

Fatal Depths

Authors: ,
Series: Free Worlds, Book 2
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Free Worlds, SCI-FI STAND ALONE
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

Deep water and deeper trouble are the sum of George Dane’s life these days!

As security chief of the human colony world Varuna, he’s worked hard to ensure his people's safety as they adapted to their new ocean-covered home.

Dane is about to find out that keeping the wildlife in check is the least of his concerns…

When a Russian colony ship arrives, Dane must face his old enemies and keep his prejudices in check.

As tensions on the colony rise, he must fight to prevent those who want to bring Earth's old war to the new world from realizing their goal.

Can Dane protect his people from the consequences of old hatred erupting? Or will bad blood bring an end to everything he and his people have worked to build?

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About the Author
Kevin McLaughlin

with Michael Anderle

USA Today bestselling author Kevin McLaughlin has written more than three dozen science fiction and fantasy novels, along with more short stories than he can easily count. Kevin can be found most days in downtown Boston, working on the next novel. His bestselling Blackwell Magic fantasy series, Accord science fiction series, Valhalla Online LitRPG series, and the fan-favorite Starship Satori series are ongoing.

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