Heart of the Shadow

Heart of the Shadow

This wasn’t how Lexi envisioned ending Azatoth’s scheming would turn out.

Stranded in the demon realm without Limpet to help her get home, she must convince her father that they need to find the other shadow mages and persuade them to help her escape.

The problem is, he doesn’t believe Lexi is real…

Azatoth is still the head of Kindred and she’s forcing Scott to take Lexi’s place in the organization. The demon is holding their families and friends to ransom to ensure he will comply in finding a way to retrieve Lexi or open the portal.

While Lexi is fighting to escape the Darkness in the demon realm, Scott’s battle is watching his back to make sure no knives magically appear in it.

What is Millicent’s game?

Can the Order of the Shadow stop Azatoth from building a demon army? And can Scott really see a glimmer of humanity within his demonic boss?

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About the Author
E.G. Bateman

with Michael Anderle

Hi, I'm Elaine. I'm here to introduce myself.

First, the important stuff. I'm an absolute slave to spicy chicken wings. Which used to be a problem, but now I'm on Keto which somehow makes it perfectly okay. I'll take that win.

I'm still not over Buffy finishing and I'm not happy about the end of Game of Thrones (but sometimes I watch that Arya scene with the Night King over-and-over.) I don't understand why they stopped making The Originals, Grimm, Warehouse-13 and A Town Called Eureka. I loved those shows :(

I started writing my first book, Amazon #1 Best Seller and-I-have-the-screenshot-to-prove-it "FADE" in 2014. I put it aside several times before finishing it in 2017, probably because "writing an actual book couldn't possibly be a real goal." I mean, who actually finishes a book, right?

Book 2 followed November 2018, and Book 3 in March 2019.

I plan to return to the Faders series. But in the meantime, I got a co-writing gig with a really impressive and slightly scary publishing big-hitter, Michael Anderle. If you're interested in how I got to write with him, it's in the notes at the back of our first book. Trust me, you'll smile. The series we're writing together is The Legacy of the Shadow's Blood.

I live in England with my all-male family of two other humans and three dogs. I'm seriously outnumbered.

I love to chat so please visit egbatemanwrites.com where you can join my reader list and get a Legacy prequel story, or visit facebook.com/egbatemanwrites where you'll find me when I'm supposed to be writing... my bad.

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