Madness Rising

Madness Rising

There is the improbable, and then there is the impossible.

Ryder had gone from the impossible to the highly improbable with Massimo and Leandro.

But can she do better?

While the vegetarian vampire, werewolf and bearded mountain man are willing to support her, Ryder needs an army to do better than throwing away the lives of herself and her new friends attacking Afana.

Will Massimo and Leandro be able to help her out, one more time?

Justice will be served, one way or another. The question is merely will Ryder be alive to see it happen?

** As noted in other series set in the Kurtherian Universe, there IS cursing in this book, occasionally, it's funny, too. **

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About the Author
Hayley Lawson

with Michael Anderle

Hayley Lawson is an English author who currently resides in New York. When she's not writing, she spends her time watching movies and hanging out with her family.

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