The Animal’s Hunt

The Animal’s Hunt

Series: Heinous Crimes Unit, Book 5
Genre: Mystery & Thriller
Tags: Heinous Crimes Unit, MYSTERY STAND ALONE
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

Christian Windsor’s life rests in the hands of the madman Charles Twaller.

His only hope of salvation? The person who waged war against the FBI.

His former partner. The genius. The psychopath. Luke Titan.

FBI Director Alan Waverly only knows that Titan escaped. His two best agents are missing and most likely dead.

In Waverly’s mind, Titan won the war and is responsible for the deaths of Christian and Tommy.

The loss of the brightest young mind the agency has ever seen and his longtime friend sends Waverly spiraling.

Going against everything he believes in, Waverly steps outside the law. Refusing to let Titan escape, he hires a killer whose ruthlessness is on a level unlike any of them have seen.

The Animal has only one objective: Kill Luke Titan, and anyone around him.

The world is already on fire, and Waverly has released death walking into it.

Can anyone survive, or will the Animal feast on them all?

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Daniel Scott

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