The Lover’s Chain

The Lover’s Chain

Series: Heinous Crimes Unit, Book 3
Genre: Mystery & Thriller
Tags: Heinous Crimes Unit, MYSTERY STAND ALONE
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

Til death us do part...

The Heinous Crimes Unit stopped Lucy Speckle’s murder spree. Brilliant FBI agent Christian Windsor was there. He watched as she cut her own throat.

Pushing Lucy to suicide has changed Christian. He’s becoming darker, harsher, crueler, and those around him are starting to notice.

Luke Titan couldn’t be happier because he engineered the whole thing. Too bad his genius keeps him hidden in the shadows.

If anyone knew Titan’s true intentions, he’d spend the remainder of his life locked up before getting sent to the electric chair.

However, his diabolical plans are almost complete.

Titan is done hiding, and he’s ready to rip the FBI apart.

The stakes are raised when a new serial killer emerges. The newcomer is kidnapping women, and only Christian notices. Driven by his relentless mind, he’ll do anything to catch this killer—even if it means breaking the law.

The only question is: What if there is no murderer?

There’s a very real possibility that the killer only exists in Christian’s mind, and he has no idea he’s being played by his psychopathic partner.

Will Christian survive Titan’s trap?

Don't stand outside, looking in. Pull up a chair and sit down. Luke is more than ready to welcome you back...

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Daniel Scott

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