The Witch-Mage Awakens

The Witch-Mage Awakens

Three new cases, three mysteries, and three potential friends trying to find their places on the team.

Thea has made it to Apprentice and is exploring where her magic can take her when an outbreak of mysterious magical attacks sweeps NOLA.

Bodies are piling up and strange dreams are the only thing connecting the bizarre deaths, a group of people thought to be members of a dark cult have gone missing, and a powerful cursed object seems to be responsible for a rash of violent crimes plaguing the city.

Can Thea’s nascent abilities be the key to unraveling all three cases?

That will depend on whether her team can work together instead of getting in each other’s way.

Thea makes a breakthrough when she makes it her business to help a teammate deal with his personal problems. Her effort earns his loyalty and the protection of another teammate who appreciates her willingness to go the extra mile for someone in need.

Even a Blackwood needs backup from time to time.

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