To Find A Witch

To Find A Witch

A black heron is magically connecting Lily to her destination. But will she find her mother or the witch’s fatal end?

The road trip in the Winnie continues to Otiylo, Greece, but Lily and Romeo are being followed, and a trail of death and trouble lies behind them. Is that strange coin she holds a magical GPS?

Nothing can keep Lily from searching for her mother, but she’s going to need help from a local coven.

Greek witches hold an ancient magic that has mixed blessings.

Lily learns more about who and what she is. Will that knowledge make her stronger or turn powerful forces against her? Will she need to fight her way out of this one?

The Black Heron’s secrets are coming out. The magical world prepares for the most dangerous spell in magical history.

Can Lily stop it? Did her mother leave her clues just to use her?

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Judith Berens

About Judith Berens
Judith Berens is a figment of your imagination, made up of the fevered brainpower of Michael Anderle and Martha Carr, fueled by a lot of people helping them out - as well as all of you, The Fans. Great stories mixed with a lot of great readers equals more adventures to follow.

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