Undead With Honor

Undead With Honor

Eric has chased the Necromancer across the dimensions back to his homeworld: Earth!

The Necromancer has proven he can summon even the long dead to his horde. With tens of billions of dead humans on Earth, he would be able to raise up a nearly limitless army of monsters, more than the people living in that magicless land could possibly battle.

Once Earth is subdued, then other worlds will fall like wheat before a scythe.

To stop him Eric must use more than just magic. He’ll need all his wits and the help of friends and family alike to defeat this most deadly foe.

Luckily for Eric, he’s not alone this time. Gunnar came through with him, so he has one of the mightiest Nord warriors at his side. If only he can keep the man focused on fighting the undead instead of flirting with Eric’s sister!

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About the Author
Kevin McLaughlin

with Michael Anderle

USA Today bestselling author Kevin McLaughlin has written more than three dozen science fiction and fantasy novels, along with more short stories than he can easily count. Kevin can be found most days in downtown Boston, working on the next novel. His bestselling Blackwell Magic fantasy series, Accord science fiction series, Valhalla Online LitRPG series, and the fan-favorite Starship Satori series are ongoing.

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