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June 2 – 9, 2019 Week in Review


Did you see all of our new releases this week? While it may have been somewhat slow, for LMBPN standards, there were many great new books that you could spend hours upon hours huddled up with. Searching new lands, even new times, all while passing some very enjoyable time yourself.

We have a new feature, we are going to start adding the boxed set releases per a fan request. Yes, your messages are read and considered.

This week saw the Soul Stone Mage full series box set released at only 99c! Hurry up if you want the discounted price because it will go back up to $9.99 soon.

Just because Alison and her team put down the 7th Order doesn’t mean there aren’t other baddies that need dealing with. She and her team have discovered others who don’t play well with Brownstones.

I can’t imagine being a vampire, let alone sleeping for 400 years and to wake up in our generation of mean girls and school bullies. Honestly, why can’t a good vampire just bite the mean girls? Put them in their places? Although, there are others who are searching for Vicki, so maybe keeping a low profile is smart.

Dinosaurs! I mean come on! How much fun would it be to travel back in time and see real, live dinosaurs??? Well, it would be dangerous to be sure, but man would that be exciting! And for former Army Rangers, I bet taking part in wars throughout time would be very exciting! Although, having to deal with stupid scientists might not be too much fun. Best part of all, this series was written by Chuck Dixon! Yes, THAT Chuck. You know, the one who worked with DC on various comic books over the years? Ever read a Batman comic? Chances are it was one Chuck worked on.

If you missed any of these rich and exciting stories, don’t worry! You can find the links right here! Best of all, they are all in Kindle Unlimited! https://books2read.com/rl/GPrnp0