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Just because you are a monster does it make you monstrous? Find out with this Week In Review for October 18th-24th, 2020



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The Drow Hath Sent Thee:

Her Drow Aunt is off the throne and all of Ambar’ogúl is looking to Cheyenne to guide them. Can the Goth Drow find a replacement for the throne? Better be fast. There’s a long list of dangerous to-do’s and not a lot of time. Heal the blight. Take out the traitor in the FRoE. Break the rest of the curse on her mom.  Can Cheyenne step into her role as Drow Royalty on Earth?


The Prison Guards Son:

Search for monsters long enough and you might become one. Thirty years ago, Jacob Vance and Raymond Turner committed a gruesome crime that shocked a small West Virginia town. Only nine years old themselves, they kidnapped and murdered four-year-old Josh Baker. The two boys were quickly arrested, tried and convicted, but were released after serving only eight years in a juvenile detention facility. Because of the heinousness of their crime and the town’s thirst for retribution, the government gave Vance and Turner new identities and relocated them to parts unknown.  Now, the victim’s father has hired Finn Harding to find his son’s killers so he can levy the justice that was denied so long ago.



The weight of the world would be enough but what if the world is on fire? Well, then you fight fire with fire, and maybe a few of the undead for good measure, if you are Milo Volkohne that is. But Milo’s cracking as the War grinds on. Armies move and monsters scheme from the shadows as the fate of an entire nation hangs in the balance.


Winner Takes All:

Bailey’s been asked to stop the Norse apocalypse. No pressure, right? What’s a goddess to do? Perhaps the most important thing she can do is not get killed. Next up, stop Ragnarök from happening. How many gods will fall to Fenris? Will Bailey inadvertently take the wolf-father’s place as the ritual sacrifice, or will Bailey, Roland, and the Norse pantheon prevent Fenris from starting Ragnarök? The newest goddess has some tricks up her sleeve. Better hope they’re enough.

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