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A Multi-universal Week in Review for July 19- July 25th, 2020


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With 5 different books released this week, you can explore so many different universes!


Choosing What Matters:

If you were dying of cancer, would you risk entering a game that saved you from pain, even if you chanced dying early? Dorothy Hunt is not willing to go out with a whimper, but rather a bang.


Theft of Magic:

An artifact race, a family reunion from the dead, a troll, and a deadly Light Elf. A typical Tuesday. Leira Berens has joined federal black ops mixed with her own brand of magic. She’s coming face to face with what happens when magic collides with technology and organic matter.


Alliance Rising:

The aliens want her dead. Easier said than done. Ali, archaeologist and expert at cuneiform translation, knows about the long-departed Anunnaki slavers, not just because of the ancient writings she has found in Mesopotamia, but because she has their blood running through her veins.


Betrayal of Magic:

She’d killed the assassin. So where’s the happy ending? Sariah may be done, but Lucien’s master has just begun. He no longer seeks just her death. Now he must kill all her friends too. This time she must embrace the power of magic with all her heart. But a relentless series of obstacles block her way, and her mentor is losing both patience and faith.



A ghost from the past is found. Akio pulled out all the stops to find Kenjii. Now a madman has marked him for death. The Sacred Clan has a score to settle. Can Akio stop the Weretigers before they succeed in carrying out Peng Kun’s evil plan?

With 5 new books this week, there are so many universes to explore. Check out the Week in Review now.