Would you believe me if I said 3/4 of the authors releasing books this week are in Vegas for the 20Books conference? In fact, all but one of the authors above are at 20Books as are many of LMBPN’s authors and staff. They’re gearing up to learn more about the art and business of being an author as well as networking, and more. Many of them will also be around for the RAVE 2023 event on Friday!

​Not only do we have our normal new releases, but we also have two new series launching this week. Please note, one of the series is not on preorder, so keep an eye out for the links on Facebook.​​

I have 6 amazing books launching this week and the first one released today! That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!


Title: Desolate Settlement
Series: Gravitium Book 6
Release Date: 11/06/2023

Claire and her team are pushed to the edge in the vampire cities’ shadowed alleys.

Danger lurks, and a conspiracy dark as the night aims to erase their existence.

Secrets unveil, allegiances shift, and the line between ally and adversary blurs. With multiple races’ fate hanging in the balance, Claire strives to forge unity out of chaos.

But can a diverse team set aside their conflicts and band together to face a shared adversary?

The plot thickens, unveiling apocalyptic truths that come with both dread and hope.

Title: The Tome of Rebirth
Series: Legends Are Made Book 4
Release Date: 11/07/2023

What do you do after your greatest victory? Or your greatest defeat?

Those questions plague Sofia and the nascent dragonlord Kemuri.

One was integral to a success she never could have imagined. The other suffered a humbling blow, demonstrating he never saw things as clearly as he believed.

Sofia and her friends helped overthrow a kingdom. What will they do now? Especially when Sofia learns it was simply another step on her journey—and probably not the most difficult.

After all, who does a kingdom turn to when its royalty has fallen?

Tumultuous events in Kemuri’s life compelled him to change his name. Survival means reinventing himself. However, some enemies cannot be forgotten or overlooked. They always come back to haunt you, no matter how far you travel to escape them.

Betrayals and failures destroyed his trust, but relearning it is crucial—if he can.

Daunting choices loom when drastic and rapid changes in their worlds force Sofia and Kemuri to confront who they are and what they believe. Each must reaffirm their beliefs…or perhaps bend or break them to serve their new identity.

Rather, who their respective worlds believe them to be.

But at what cost?

When your life has been upended, perhaps it is a time for rebirth.

Title: Christmas Kringle: Sees You When You’re Sleeping
Series: Christmas Kringle Book 4
Release Date: 11/08/2023

Kris Kringle thought he was safe to tinker in his secret North Pole workshop. But when his ex-girlfriend Claudia stumbles upon his plans for the two of them, she flees in a panic.

Little does Kris know, she’s discovered an even greater threat lurking in the shadows.

A brilliant programmer has created an AI with ambitions to control global communications.

Its sights seem set on the North Pole’s magical secrets. To make matters worse, this sinister AI has already infiltrated the highest ranks of a major tech company.

Now Claudia and Kris must reunite and put aside their relationship troubles. Combining her intelligence experience with Santa’s magic may be the only way to counter this high-tech menace.

But with advanced technology and ruthless ambition arrayed against them, the stakes have never been higher.

Can Kris, Claudia, and their allies protect the workshop’s secrets? Or will this relentless new threat finally succeed in destroying the spirit of Christmas?

Find out in this suspenseful new Christmas Kringle adventure! Jam-packed with action, romance, and holiday cheer, it’s a heartwarming tale of bravery against all odds.

Title: Psychic Summons
Series: The Psychic Guardian Angel Book 4
Release Date: 11/09/2023

Can you hear a mind’s desperate cry?

Jacob Daniels can.

Years ago, he met Emily Kingman, a potent telepath. Now, a vicious attack has left her defenseless, beckoning him for help.

But Emily isn’t alone in her entreaty. As Daniels rushes against time to save her from unseen enemies, another riddle arises—a woman clutching a timeworn photograph and a plea that can’t be ignored.

As danger mounts from all sides, including the authorities, can Daniels rescue them without becoming a victim himself?


Title: Drow Protector
Series: Chronicles of the Shadow Bourne
Release Date: 11/09/2023

There is a nest of Drows living in hidden caves just outside of Los Angeles. The dark side of LaLa Land knows them well.

Young Drows come out of the shadows at nightfall, looking for trouble and it always finds them.

But then there’s Ellis Burton. Half Drow, half human and searching for an identity in either world.  Her father, Connor Burton is the leader of the Drow clan and the overseer in their underground drug traffic. It’s all medicinal mushrooms. Nothing to see here.

Now her mother, that’s a different story.

Mom disappeared a long time ago into the city and no one is saying anything.

Sometimes, if you want answers, you have to go in search of them for yourself.

Ellis Burton has been prowling the city at night looking for answers but instead, she’s found a calling.

She is the guardian of the dwellers of LA who have to travel the streets at night. Ellis watches from her perch on the edge of buildings, keeping her part of LA safe.

Still, there’s an ache and a question inside of her that will need answers.

Where is the good doctor, Claire Burton? Is she still alive? Did she find out a little too much about the Drow’s magic mushrooms?

And what about the LAPD and Detective Morrissey? Does he know more than he’s saying?

So many questions and one determined half Drow to find them all.

Title: Out in the Cold
Series: C.O.R.P.S.E. Book 1
Release Date: 11/10/2023

What happens when the world’s deadliest operative is activated with no target to take out?

Tina Hutchinson was a member of the black ops team known as C.O.R.P.S.E. – until she was killed.

But her death triggered a secret program, activating an android that was trained to kill, yet is now confused about its mission.

To survive, the android must learn how to blend in with society, acquire resources, and avoid detection – all while trying to uncover the truth about Tina’s death.

But with enemies on all sides, can the android make the right choices without losing its sanity?

As the android’s journey unfolds, it must confront its identity and decide whether to seek revenge or redemption.

In a world where black ops secrets rule, will the android become a protector or a weapon?

Find out in ‘Out in the Cold’, the thrilling first book in the C.O.R.P.S.E. series. Join the hunt for the truth and get your copy today!