Gott Verdammt! (Tabitha here),

I meant to have this done and posted earlier today, but now that I’m (finally) starring in my own series the demands on me are endless.  Nevertheless, here I am, ready to tell you about this week’s lengthy list of new releases, beginning with two today.

Your Life Is Forfeit – Book 4 in Judge, Jury & Executioner Series (MONDAY – Available now)

Red has a price on his head. Rivka is determined to find those who put it there.

Criminals commit crimes. Career criminals do it in secret. They are good at hiding.

Rivka’s latest case has her hunting fugitives. Red is on a mission to find them and make them pay for what they’ve done.

A Subtle War – Book 3 in the Enemy of My Enemy Series (MONDAY – Available now)

Embraced by strangers. The Furlorians want to earn their trust.

The Federation needs help and Taj volunteers. She takes the team to a distant planet. The fate of her people doesn’t depend on her success, but if she fails, the Furlorians’ hope goes with her.

Wearing that mantle, they hold nothing back as they go into the lion’s den, their cat eyes focused on a singular goal.

Determined Is Her Fate – Book 7 in the School of Necessary Magic series (Tuesday)

What do a few stolen books have to do with the end of life as we know it?

More than you would think.

Drow princess Alison Brownstone begins her senior year ready to finally graduate and start her new life, fully trained and ready to kick ass.

But still reeling from the attack last semester, and the absence of her best friend, Alison is desperate for some kind of distraction to make the days pass quicker.

And trouble in paradise with boyfriend Tanner makes it even more vital.

When books start disappearing, she can’t resist digging deeper. After all, no one should be able to penetrate the gnome’s magical protection.

But going down the rabbit hole leads to truths far more dangerous than petty theft.

Renegade – Book 2 in Damian’s Chronicles

Damien is back and this series gets cooking.

Ganked In Space (Book 1 – Intergalactic Pest Control – Thursday

Just read the series title again, there’s really nothing more to say 🙂  This is a fun series that you’re going to love.

Drinking With Death (Friday)

Debra Stone returns in the second installment of LMBPN’s first romance series.  Grab a glass of wine and prepare to laugh as Debra’s strange new life continues to evolve