Now, you know me. I love my pranks as much as the next person, maybe even more so. But I want to remind you that today is April Fool’s Day and if you are already skeptical of things on the internet, then you should be extra skeptical today. And if you aren’t skeptical, well you might need to be today! I promise I won’t play any bad pranks today, but I can’t say anything about anyone else!

I have 5 amazing books launching this week. The first of them released today and that’s not an April Fool’s joke either! 

This Week’s New Releases

Title: The Portrait of Doom
Series: The Witch Punk Files Book 3
Release Date: 04/01/2024

A witch. A warlock. A brewing war…

Lila Darkholme isn’t your average college student. She’s a witchy girl sleuth and the fierce frontwoman of The Witch Punks. But now, she faces her greatest challenge yet.

Robert Caldwell, a vengeful warlock, has escaped prison with one goal: to steal the magical grimoire hidden in Ruby’s cottage. The secrets within could unleash untold havoc.

Enter Dr. Elara Thornwood, the enigmatic new professor at Chicago College. As Lila works with her to uncover the secrets of another ancient grimoire, the black market for magical objects booms, fueled by Caldwell’s insatiable hunger for power.

With the stakes rising and Caldwell’s attacks escalating, Lila must guard the Elysian Grimoire, unravel Dr. Thornwood’s secrets, and track down a disturbing, living portrait. Time is running out.

Can Lila protect her friends and stop Caldwell before his vengeance consumes everything she holds dear? Or will the warlock’s obsession for power and revenge prove too strong, even for this rebellious witch?

Title: The Vampire Queen
Series: The Therian Throne Book 3
Release Date: 04/02/2024

The king is dead. Long live the king.

With King Nikoli’s madness ended, it’s time for Luca to ascend the high Therian throne.

It’s a hollow victory without his mate by his side.

Ash is determined to prove that vampires don’t have to be evil.

First, she needs to learn what it means to be one. And convince her parents not to freak out about the fangs.

Vampire boot camp teaches her more about her powers, but they don’t come with an instruction manual. When Ash shows an aptitude for magic, it’s clear she’s no ordinary vampire. Or witch. Or whatever she is.

Ash has every reason to believe her visions, even if she doesn’t understand them.

Too bad trusting her new instincts and leaning on powers she doesn’t understand isn’t the only fight she faces.

The truce with Nadya is over, and she’s coming for Luca’s head. Can Ash thwart the vampire queen’s plans from half a world away, or are they destined to lose everything?


The Vampire Queen is the next book in the steamy, action-packed Therian Throne series from Candy Crum and Amanda R. Browning.

Title: Rise of the Dragon
Series: Dragon Oath Book 4
Release Date: 04/03/2024

The enemy is watching.

While Artemisia has liberated two planets with the aim of protecting Earth, there are still people who need her protection. She can’t rest.

Not yet.

Now that she’s fought back and won twice, the corruption is keeping track of her and her progress. They’re not going to make it easy for her to keep protecting so many people.

Can she learn faster than they are?

With all the friends and allies she is making along the way, Artemisia hopes to find more. But not everyone is as trusting. She can’t save people who won’t trust her to fight with them. Will she earn their trust in time to stop the enemy? And what if there’s a traitor among them?

Artemisia must find the good in the bad and take back control of the portal to Earth and her support if she has any hope of carrying on her crusade!

Title: The Retribution
Series: Stonecrusher Legacy Book 4
Release Date: 04/04/2024

It’s time to go on the offensive!

Waldorf, Mallick, and Tempress, escaped enslavement and drove the invaders from their ancestral home. Now, Clan Stonecrusher and their allies take the battle to their enemies to defend their way of life and in search of their abducted clanspeople.

Enemies of the past become allies of today.

Navigating an unknown world, Waldorf and his team join forces with unlikely allies as they search for lost family members. Amid danger and chaos, Waldorf must balance his duty to clan, allies, his heart, and his god, all in the name of his ultimate goal—reuniting the Dwarf Nation.

Once in, Never out!

Will Clan Stonecrusher finally become whole after three decades of oppression? Can reuniting his clan take them closer to defeating their ultimate enemy? What will this mean to the Elves of Ahn’Ziu Enclave?

Title: A Silent Death
Series: Black Pearl: Freelancers Book 1
Release Date: 04/05/2024

In a galaxy where the line between right and wrong blurs, one woman seeks justice.

Fiery and determined, Madison Justice navigates the depths of space, searching for her father and a place to call home.

Expelled from the Naval Academy for her unyielding sense of justice, she now forges her own path as a freelance mercenary.

But the void is vast and unforgiving. To find her father, the elusive captain of the Gypsy Rose, Madison must prove her mettle in a realm where morality is a luxury few can afford.

Harassed by rivals and entangled in the schemes of a ruthless commander, she fights to keep her conscience intact.

As mutiny brews and treachery lurks in every corner, Madison must summon all her strength and cunning to survive.

Will she reunite with her father and find the sense of purpose she craves? Or will the unforgiving universe consume her, body and soul?

Gritty and action-packed, A Silent Death is a tale of a daughter’s unbreakable spirit in the face of adversity, set against the backdrop of a morally ambiguous future.

One last test between Madison and her future. What could go wrong? A lot! Discover this new series with this sneak peek!