It’s the last day of a holiday weekend. If you are spending it with loved ones or just relaxing at home (or working) we hope you have a great Memorial Day. 

We are ending May and kicking June off with two new series. We also have quite a few new series coming your way throughout June! Today, however, I have sneak peeks of the ones coming your way this week. Check them out below!

I have 6 marvelous books launching this week and one is out now! That’s a great week to end a holiday weekend, right?


This Week’s New Releases

Title: The Hunt: Cupid​
Series: Paranormal Mercenary Corps Book 4
Release Date: 05/29/2023

It’s time to get rid of this pounding headache.

Chelby must prove her innocence, determine who destroyed her enemy, and face off against the raging armed forces.

The Paranormal Mercenary Corp is in peril and Chelby’s life is threatened. She finds herself pitted against forces on both sides with only one option.

Surrender to the humans.

Her decision leads to the revelation of far darker secrets.

The identity of the shadowy forces threatening to tear apart the human and supernatural worlds becomes clear.

Chelby is forced to act or lose everyone she loves, but she can’t do it alone. With time running out and no hope in sight, her search for allies takes her to unexpected places.

Will her newfound allies give Chelby the chance to claw back freedom and safety? Or will it be too late to save all that she holds dear?

The Forbidden Incantations e-book coverTitle: The Forbidden Incantations
Series: Le Paris Magic Académie Book 1
Release Date: 05/30/2023

Two friends embark on an extraordinary journey in the heart of Paris.

Samantha Tempestade and Lily Vivace are talented witches. Eager to explore their new magical world, they exchange the enchanted walls of Ravenwood Academy for the bustling streets of the city and the secret passageways of a magical boat.

What mysteries and adventures await them?

Hidden mysteries come to light as they unlock the secrets of their prestigious wizarding school.

Their halcyon days at the academy are shrouded in darkness when one of the girls blossoms in the face of their challenges, while the other becomes obsessed with signs of a plot against the school.

They both came to become something more, but getting trapped in something far bigger than either of them may cost one of the friends dearly.

When the secrets hidden by the ancient walls of their new home come to light, Samantha and Lily must embrace their destinies and the power that lies within them.

The truth behind the academy’s protective dome lies waiting to be uncovered. Rising to the challenge of their newfound responsibilities takes them on an unforgettable journey that will change their lives forever.

How will they fare in their encounters with thrilling magical duels, overcoming hidden scars, and forming unexpected friendships?

Title: Dragon’s Exodus
Series: Time of the Dragon Book 7
Release Date: 05/30/2023

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Kels, Grey, and Mags have entered another realm. The dragons have long spoken of the worlds beyond Earth, places where magic thrives, and creatures and mages live openly in peace.

But nothing is as good as it first appears.

While this new world is comfortingly close to the home Kels and her friends left behind, she soon discovers the similarities bring parallel problems.

As they dig beneath the surface, it becomes clear there is more to this world than meets the eye. Old enemies loom, and more questions appear. Did they really save themselves? Or have they uncovered another layer of deceit in the foundations of the magic system?

It becomes a race to find the allies they need to make everyone safe again. Can they work out what is really going on? Or will they find themselves trapped on another planet in as much danger as ever?

If nothing else, Kels is getting good at running.

Title: Officer
Series: Para-Military Recruiter Book 8
Release Date: 05/31/2023

Julie’s secret is out of the bag, and she’s been benched by royal decree.

Banished from the front lines, Julie has a new battle to face—bureaucracy. The Captain’s solution to Queen Esmerelda’s order to keep her safe is setting her up with a role in Tactical Command.

The newest officer in OPMA isn’t going to get an easy ride.

Julie’s performance in recent operations may have earned her a shiny new rank, but it comes with a downside. She has to say goodbye to Unit Seven.

Or does she?

OPMA is continuing to expand, and so is the opposition to the Eternal Throne.

As a tactical advisor on strategic deployments, Julie is determined to maintain her links to her friends.

Julie’s initial disappointment at being promoted out of her unit is soon replaced by the discovery that she is suited to her new role in Tactical Command. The Dark Moons have been vanquished, but unrest in the para world has not died down, and that means the action isn’t either.

Can Julie adjust to her expanded duties without neglecting the paras who have helped her along the way? Or will the pressures of command prove too great to overcome?

Growing Fangs e-book coverTitle: Growing Fangs
Series: An Aria For The Vampire Book 1
Release Date: 06/01/2023

Cora has found herself in a pickle. Namely, she’s dying.

No one can change the hand that fate deals, yet Cora is offered a choice when she reaches the limits of what medicine can do to keep her alive.

Will she defy fate and agree to an attempt to transform her into a vampire?

The odds of success aren’t good. Not to mention that vampires have earned a nasty reputation.

To prevent their history of hunting humans, torture, and mad science experiments continuing, vampires have formed a global coalition with the purpose of holding one another to strict standards of behavior and secrecy.

Cora’s choice is still the quickest way to becoming a magical outcast.

Will her decision turn her into a dark version of herself? Or will she die?

Title: Take One
Series: The Agent Operative Book 6
Release Date: 06/02/2023

Just what is going on in LaLa Land? That’s the question agent to the stars, well gnomes, witches, elves and pixies, Norah Wintry wants to answer. But being an outcast in the land of movie magic makes getting answers not so easy. Even when you’re a witch.

Frondle has disappeared. The hot gossip is he got a part for a pirate movie being filmed at the Catalina Islands.

A movie that has everyone who is anyone in Hollywood, and even those that aren’t, working on it. Meanwhile, production on other projects has either slowed or stopped completely. Weird.

Norah tries to get out to the set to locate Frondle but is barred at the gate and given an unceremonious exit. Someone doesn’t want her getting too close.

Good thing she’s not the only one trying. Come on, you knew our favorite witch had more than one plan. Will Cleo get in and get the answers? Is there something sinister going on with the movie?

Norah need to prepare for whatever is coming their way from this film. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that even the magical community is going onset and coming out brainwashed.

What is Magdea up to?

Will Norah and her strike force be able to figure it out and stop her before it’s too late? Where is this all leading?

Two friends, beginning a new adventure. They get a little more adventure than they bargained for.

Growing Fangs banner

What do you do when you find out you only have months to live? You might be surprised!