The last week of September is here. Then one of my favorite months arrives – Halloween. I mean October. But this week, we have one series ending and a new series launching this week. That’s a great way to end the month, right? I think so!

I have 4 amazing books launching this week and the first one is out as of this morning. That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Final Game: Cupid
Series: Paranormal Mercenary Corps Book 6
Release Date: 09/25/2023

The ultimate battle beckons—Chelby and Bakas, a contest of dragons in violet and shadow.

The echoes of their past clash reverberate; he once held dominion. Now, Chelby harbors a secret weapon, but can it be potent enough to vanquish him?

Bakas is ascending to power, seeking the presidency and eliminating his adversaries without remorse. The responsibility to halt his advancement lies with Chelby and her stalwart team.

Empowered by the Terra Moruorum Cross and the Heart of the Fae, Bakas weaves sinister enchantments, ensnaring humans and supernaturals alike. Those who dare to challenge him face dire consequences.

A chilling threat hangs over Chelby—sabotage his plans, and he’ll target a loved one. The potential victims? Jonas, her father, or Dr. Gould. But his choice will remain unknown until the final, dreadful moment.

Chelby grapples with a devastating decision—sacrifice the mission, or a cherished one. Will she have what it takes to thwart Bakas and protect those she holds dear? Is her strength sufficient, her will indomitable?

Title: Wings of Shadow
Series: Weir Dragon Academy
Release Date: 09/27/2023

Always be yourself, unless you can be a dragon.

Speaking as one, it’s not that simple.

My sisters and I grew up oppressed by a bloodthirsty tyrant in another realm. Now we’ve got a trickier challenge, one I’m more worried about.

Starting boarding school.

I’m unprepared but not surprised; I’ve always been strange. The only adult who disagrees is Uncle Cosmo. He says life’s like art; everything’s valid and it’s all about perspective.

Nobody my age shares mine. My sisters see school like a forest. I see its flaws like trees. Pointing them out is risky.

If I stand out too much someone’s bound to cut me down. But is fitting in even possible when I hatched this way?

Title: Symptoms of Rebellion
Series: The Zakarian Brothers Book 3
Release Date: 09/28/2023

Edward thought serving a pirate was bad—until the ruthless Gwen Hamilton locked him away.

Now he faces endless questions and unthinkable torture as Gwen tries to extract his secrets. But the past holds the key to everything…

Years ago, a young Edward met the legendary soldier Lance Klydon. Will recalling their adventures unlock the truth Gwen seeks? Or will Edward take his stories to the grave?

Even Gwen has ghosts that haunt her. What shaped the merciless woman behind the Blue Dragon mask?

While Edward and Gwen battle over the past, new threats emerge. Christian covets command of Winestone’s company, and sinister forces move against Edward’s brother Holston.

With lives on the line, the clock ticks down. Will Gwen and Holston overcome their enemies? Or will long-buried secrets destroy them all?

Title: Adapt, Overcome, Defeat
Series: The Warrior 2 Book 2
Release Date: 09/29/2023

Emily Trigger is on a mission with her elite team. The Prodigal Suns are on the hunt for Heka, the ancient marauding god of magic.

But first, they have to find him.

Someone helped Heka escape his long sleep in the Amazon jungles, and the old god wants to make up for lost time. First on his list was getting back some of his power. Next, gather even more power — one innocent victim at a time.

Step number three: Rebuild his army of mindless, empty, zombies, and what better place to start than with a nearby village of innocent Amazonian locals?

Emily and her fellow soldiers need to stop that from happening, no matter the cost. Turns out, Emily may be the key to everything. Her new powers brought on by the blast of magical ammo in Russia may be just enough to stop the angry god.


That is, if she ever tells anyone about them and learns to harness her powerful, new abilities.

Will her fellow operators grow suspicious enough of her secret to cause a rift among the team?

Or can she open up to the Prodigal Suns she’s only just met and learn to trust a unit that might be just as wary of Emily as she is of getting close to anyone?

The Prodigal Suns are piecing together the mystery of what brought Heka back, racing against the clock before he can wreak more havoc than they can clean up. Will they find him in time?

The world he once knew is gone. He has been selected to fight for humanity. However, right now he simply trying to remember how to breath

Check out this sneak peek at Be A Hero or Die, which should be published this week!