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 Week in Review August 22 – 28, 2021

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Diplomatic Agent e-book coverDiplomatic Agent:

How far would you go to discover the truth?

Seraphina Waters embarks on her latest mission just as she’s on the verge of graduation.Armed with hard-earned skills, talent, and a mouthy companion, Phina pursues the identity of a traitor among the ranks of SpyCorps.

Even if the answer could be a stab to the heart. Following shadows and rumors, Phina races time to discover the truth. Little does she know that while she’s chasing the traitor, the traitor is chasing her.

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Voice on the Wind e-book coverThe Voice on The Wind:

After Axe-Wed’s adventures in Jehadim the intrepid exile had hoped that she’d found a chance for some easy coin among good people.

A little guarding of a caravan as they go to barbarian infested steppes, what could be easier… well, perhaps she hadn’t thought that one through.

So now our slayer finds herself in a land where monsters are pets and tribal warfare is life, and wouldn’t you know it there is a prophecy… why is there always a prophecy?

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Mind of Distinction e-book coverMind of Distinction:

Time and tables turn.

Last year, my professor died to stop a massacre at school. The headmaster took responsibility. Now the new authority on campus is a trustee board made of my friends’ toxic parents. We only made it through summer by leaning on each other. Now me and my best friend Logan are expected to go on like none of that ever happened. Captaining our teams and attending the college fair.

I’ve learned that danger can happen to anyone at Hawthorn Academy. To the jock. The class clown. My brother. Now it’s my turn. Can I somehow get this target off my back?

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1794 e-book cover1794:

The year is 1794. Paris still sizzles with the fires of the French Revolution as Robespierre’s campaign of Terror conducts a witch hunt for counter-revolutionaries and the guillotine always runs slick with blood.  Alone and forced out into this unknown world after being released from a state asylum, Narama has lost herself and stops at a country village fair in a search for peace.

But a horrific encounter there is only the start of a hunt for a mysterious box wanted by both Robespierre’s revolutionary government and a cabal of fugitive aristocrats out to overthrow him. Out of her depth and vulnerable as never before, Narama stalks a dark path of violence, deception and occult intrigue that offers no escape except grim death.

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Justice Served e-book coverJustice Served:

Being reinstated to the AJS and being safe again are two very different outcomes.

They are looking for Terra. Everywhere she turns, an enemy force is after her, looking to extract the AI in her head to destroy the one weak link in their chain. The APRIL software has been deployed AJS-wide, and now whoever is at the top of the chain has their eyes on the entire city. Those above are controlling where the AJS go, monitoring and manipulating law and order.

Terra has comrades, though. A chance encounter with the First Executioner gives her the information she needs.  But with every silver lining comes a catch.

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