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Out of this World Week in Review May 24 – 29, 2020


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Warmage: Undeniable:

Raven Alby is finally getting the chance to be an ordinary first-year mage at Fowler Academy. Until her dragon familiar sees a dark shadow in the sky that neither of them can explain.

Wings of the Valkyrie:

Being a Valkyrie was hard enough, but throw in an oversized dwarf and things get down right complicated. Mila is quickly heading toward a final battle with Azoth that could determine the fate of the universe.


Backlash Rising:

After narrowly escaping her enemy, Ali reels back from the edge of death. She finds herself surrounded by a strange subterranean species who hide from the enslavement she just fled.


Maelstrom of Treason:

There is a new definition of danger when your enemy is in the military. It’s one thing when you go up against crooks, gangsters and businesses. It’s a completely different situation when your enemy can send black-ops teams to end your existence.


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