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So many new releases and a few new series in this week in Review for October 25th- 31st


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A Sacred Grove:

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass. My outlook on life isn’t complicated—any day that passes when nobody tries to kill me or someone I love gets put into the ‘good day’ column. Simple, right? Lately, good days have been hard to come by. Since I totally ignored Da’s warning three months ago and flew to Ireland to embrace our super-secret heritage, I’ve seen the world in a different light—a mythical and magical light. I am a Druid.



It’s time for Jax’s enemies to pay their debts. They’ve tried to kill him. They’ve tried to kill his friends. Zavion Arlox has set traps on top of traps. Turning the tables will require every bit of experience Jax possesses, plus a lot of luck.


The Unforgiven:

A lone DeathEater has forsaken his clan.  Leaving behind his previous life, Skharr starts building a future next to a dangerous forest in an unknown land. He tells himself it is better than taking gold for questionable reasons. A lone old man travelling with a donkey offers him a choice: Continue this farm life, or trade him Skharr’s just finished home and tilled land for a map. A map that Skharr can use to live large for years… If he survives.


Dawn of the Shadows:

The team is working to solve the murder of a Witch in Peoria, Illinois, where Scott suspects the killer isn’t far away and won’t be difficult to find.  While Lexi is struggling to control and understand her new abilities, she meets old friends in the witching and shifter communities, and learns what it really means to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.  Meanwhile, back in Las Vegas, Limpet and Marcel have gone missing leaving a trail of blood. But whose blood is it?


The Heretic Lives:

You cannot murder a person who never existed. It is not impossible to rewrite history. In fact, when one computer runs the world, changing history happens faster. Those who were heroes have been labeled villains. The alien Melagorns and Dreth, once friends, are now competitors at best. The Regime works to instill loyalty to humanity. Loyalty to brotherhood. Loyalty to the state.

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